In 6 Days 2 Major Planets Will Change Motion In Own Sign: Impact On Nation & Zodiac Signs

In astrology, planetary transits are given huge importance. Transit means the movement of a planet from one sign to another sign. This transit is sometimes in direct motion or retrograde. However, any planetary transit to its own sign raises the significance because during this period, the planet is known for its best results. 

Soon in 6 days, the two important planets are going to move to their own sign. The first planet is Mars, it will transit to its own sign, Aries, on 27 June 2022, and the second planet is Mercury which will transit to its own sign, Gemini, on 2 July 2022.  

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Apart from this there will be the conjunction of Mars and Venus in Aries; Sun and Mercury in Gemini. These 2 transits and conjunctions will affect normal life and the world. To know about these effects, keep reading this special blog by AstroSage.

Mars Transit in Aries: Time & Impact

If we talk about the first transit which is going to happen soon, Mars will move from Pisces and transit to fire sign, Aries. As it has been mentioned above, Mars is the ruler of Aries. So, this transit will be very important for astrologers. The time of Mars transit will be on 27 June, Monday at 05:39 am. 

Lucky Zodiac Signs During Mars Transit

Gemini: The Mars transit will take place in the 11th house of Gemini and it is called the house of income and profit. So there is a great possibility that during this transit Gemini natives will have a rise in income, good profit in business and it will strengthen their economic side. Apart from this, if you are planning to do investment in business then it is the auspicious time to implement this idea. 

At the workplace also, you will get positive results and appreciation from your boss and because of this there are chances of promotion. Apart from this, you will be supported by your life partner which will bring more happiness to your life. To make this time more fruitful you can wear Emerald Gemstone but after consulting the astrology experts. 

Cancer: The Mars during its transit will be located in the 10th house of the Cancer zodiac signs which is the house of Karma and Job. In such situation, working professionals will gain benefits at their workplace. Also, those who are in search of new job will also get the best offers. This duration is also auspicious to develop new commercial relations.

If you want to expand your business then also it is the best time for it. Most probably, Cancerian will finalize a big deal in their business. Including this, it is the best time to make investment in business. To make this duration more fruitful, pour black sesame seeds in the bucket full of water and take a bath. 

Leo: This transit will happen in the 9th house of the Leo, which is the house of fortune and foreign travel. During this period, the fortune will be completely in your favor. Also, some of the natives may go on a long business tour which will bring benefits in future.

Students will also get success and complete favor of luck if they are preparing for any competitive exam. Those who want to launch new businesses, it is an auspicious time to do so.  In this period, there will be an increase in your spirituality. For remedy, you can wear Turquoise, but before doing that you must consult an astrologer.

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Mercury Transit In Gemini: Time & Impact

Mercury will transit to Gemini after staying in Taurus for 68 days. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the smallest planet which is the fastest in completing its orbit around the Sun. In such a situation, the transit of Mercury in its own sign will be quite significant and the time of this transit is: 2 July, 2022 at 9:40 am. 

3 Lucky Zodiac Signs During Mercury Transit

Taurus: This Mercury transit will be happening in the house of money of Taurus. So this duration will be fruitful for working professionals and businessmen. Those who are looking for a new job, they will receive wonderful opportunities and those who are already working will get a promotion. 

There is a great chance that businessmen will be able to final a big deal. Also, there will be peace and happiness in your family. For remedy, you can give gifts to the women in your house.

Leo: The Mercury Transit will take place in the 11th house of Leo. They will notice many positive changes in the economy and working professionals may get appraisal. Apart from this, if you are planning to invest in something then this is an auspicious time for this. 

Also, this time is quite auspicious for stockholders and brokers. You will be successful in earning and accumulating a handsome amount of money. Those natives who own a business will also get profit and can do investment for business expansion. To make this period more auspicious, donate green clothes, bangles etc to the girls on Wednesday.

Sagittarius: This Mercury transit will happen in the 7th house of Sagittarius and it will have a positive effect on the professionals and businessmen. Those natives who are into business or especially in the partnerships will see growth in their business. Also, you will gain popularity for your products and services.

In terms of love as well, this time will be completely in your favor. Singles may find their someone special during this period. Economic condition will be wonderful and stronger. Natives of this sign may start a new life with soulmates. For remedy, after taking a bath you must recite ‘OM namo bhagavate vAsudevAya’ 108 times everyday.

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Mars-Venus Conjunction And Mercury-Sun Conjunction Results

As we have mentioned-above with 2 transits there will also be occurance of 2 conjunctions. The first conjunction will be of Mars-Venus and second will be of Mercury-Sun. So let’s move ahead and know about the result of Mars-Venus and Mercury-Sun conjunction.

First of all, it is important to note that according to Vedic astrology when two or more planets move to a sign in a horoscope or two or more planets are present in a horoscope then it is called a combination of planets. The combination of planets will have significant impact because many times the combination occurs between those planets which are quite different from each other. So it is quite interesting to see which planet will  down the other and how it will affect human life.

Mars-Venus Conjunction Result

During this combination, there will be increase in the sex desire of natives. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the planet of fire and splendor and Venus is the planet of beauty, love, sex drive. When these both planets combine it arouses sex desire in natives. Apart from this, Mars-Venus conjunction directly impacts the love life of natives.

Mars-Venus Conjunction Remedy

  • Read Sunderkand, Hanuman Chalisa, and Bajrang Baan daily. 
  • Also, to avoid the negative effects of Mars-Venus combination, one must distribute Bundi or Sweet Prasad to girls on Tuesday. 

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Mercury-Sun Conjunction Result

According to Vedic Astrology, when Sun and Mercury stay in one sign then it is the beginning of Budhaditya Yoga which is quite auspicious because it is the Yoga which brings success, money and respect in the society. Apart from this  many astrologers consider it as a Rajyoga.

However, it is quite important to know that it will not bring positive results because sometimes people don’t get good results from Mercury-Sun combination. It will only be fruitful when Mercury and Sun are in strong condition in the horoscope. 

Mercury-Sun Conjunction Remedy

  • Everyday you must do Surya Namaskar.
  • Read  Aditya Hrudayam Strotam. 
  • Also, you can receive auspicious results by planting trees and offering Arghya to the Sun in the Brahma Muhurta. 

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