These 5 Zodiac Signs Have Very High Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the rarest and finest qualities a person could have. It is the ability to understand, sense, exhibit, control, and use one’s emotions in order to effectively and productively interact with and relate to others. Emotional intelligence lies not only in understanding and using one’s own emotions to communicate, but it is also in the ability to comprehend others’ emotions as well. In simpler words, Emotional Intelligence is when you are aware and analyze your own and others’ emotions and feelings, and respond or react accordingly. 

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Your emotional intelligence depends on your surroundings or the people you grew up with. You should be able to adapt to the newer environment and adjust your emotions in order to react accordingly in any situation. Your zodiac signs play a major role in your Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. Confused? Don’t worry, this blog by AstroSage will tell you about the five most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs. 

It isn’t possible that a water sign will not be included in this list since all of us know their emotional quotient is way higher than anyone else’s. Now that we know what emotional intelligence is, let us learn about the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.

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The Five Zodiac Signs With A Very High Emotional Intelligence

After analyzing carefully, AstroSage has brought up the names of the five zodiac signs who have a great level of emotional intelligence. The details of these zodiac signs are mentioned below according to their level of emotional intelligence; in which Pisces tops the list:


The last sign in the zodiac line, Pisces is a water sign, represented by two fishes. Being the last constellation of the twelve zodiac signs, Pisces has the best understanding of others’ emotions and feelings along with their own. They are very intuitive and deal with every emotional crisis in a very mature manner. Pisces folks can sense one’s distress and care about everyone around them. 


Cancers are the mom of the group. The fourth constellation and the first water sign, one finds comfort with Cancers because of their understanding, nurturing, and mature nature. They can sense your turmoil and analyze every emotion and thought carefully and deeply. Represented by a crab, they have tough shells but are the most delicate and sensitive people around. 

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Represented by the only inanimate object in the zodiac line, a scale, Libra is the most balanced sign, weighing every emotion and feeling equally and practically. Librans are known for their just nature. They analyze every situation with utmost care and try to react accordingly in any emotional crisis, whether it is their own or someone else’s. They go through every possible result of their reactions very carefully and are very cautious while handling a situation. 

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Virgo is an earth sign, the sixth in the zodiac line, represented by a female body or the goddess of soil. They are a committed, determined, hardworking, and logical sign, but they are also emotionally intelligent. Furthermore, Virgos are compassionate, caring, and supportive friends and lovers who use their amazing brains and ingenuity to overcome problems. Their emotional intelligence is evident in the way they handle their emotions when they see someone else in need of support.


Of course, there has to be the last water sign on this list too! Scorpios are the most intense, compassionate, and intuitive zodiac signs. They are not only capable of handling their emotions, but also good at spotting the hidden emotions of those around them. They radiate comfort and warmth for the others to express their feelings and handle each situation with great caution. However, if the other person is taking advantage of their feelings, they will not stop until they have had their revenge. They utilize their emotional intelligence to care for people who have harmed them.

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