Mercury Retrograde: 5 Retro Planets Bless Zodiacs With Wealth& Success

Mercury Retrograde movement will have profound effects when 4 planets are already in retrograde position. Four major planets namely Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are already in retrograde position. From 24th August 2023 onwards Mercury is going to be the 5th planet which is getting retrograde increasing this tally to 5 Planets.

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The retrograde movement of planets has major effects upon human beings and the Earth as a whole. For some zodiacs it has negative effects and for others it brings auspiciousness, positivity, wealth, growth , and success. It all depends on the placement and movement of planets, stars, and constellation movements.

From 24th August, Mercury is retrograde that is bringing a shower Wealth, health, success, and fame for 3 zodiac signs. Also Yogas of rise in fortune will also be created.

So let’s move further without wasting any time and discuss the 3 signs getting the maximum gains of this unique condition:

Boon For 3 Zodiacs Due To Mercury Retrograde Movement With 4 Others


The retrograde movement of 5 planets including Mercury will bring favorable results for the natives of Aries Zodiac sign. You can avail profits & gains in your business or work. The married natives waiting for their first child will be getting good news very soon. Love marriages will also happen during this period. Your money which was stuck somewhere will now get released and you will receive it.  Mercury retrograde indicates that the married life of the natives will be happy and comfortable. But, the natives should stay away from anger.

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Mercury retrograde along with other 4 planets is highly auspicious for the natives of Gemini. Your overall wealth will increase. You may also attain respect, prestige and reverence from the people during this time period. The natives may also undertake foreign travels. Your financial condition will also strengthen during this period. Also, Mercury Retrograde will lead to an increase in the resources of happiness and pleasure for the natives of Gemini.

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Mercury retrograde is bringing large benefits and favorable outcomes for the natives of Leo. Your Health will shine during this period. The natives associated with the fields of politics and social welfare may receive an important favorable position. The students preparing for the competitive exams may get successful in getting a government job. The businessmen will enjoy high profits in their work during this time period. The natives who wish to have a child of their own may get successful in giving birth to a child during this period.

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Mercury retrograde along with 4 other planets may prove highly beneficial for the natives of Libra. Destiny will support the natives. The natives will achieve growth and progress in their respective jobs or business. The natives will experience a sudden inflow of money. The income of the businessmen will increase. The native will attain prestige, respect, and a favorable position in the society. The unmarried natives may receive a suitable marriage proposal from somewhere. Any new plan maDE BY YOU may get successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What planets are friends of the Sun?

Answer 1.  Mars, Jupiter, & Moon are the friendly planets of the Sun.

Question 2. Who are the enemy planets of the Sun?

Answer 2.  Saturn and Venus are the enemy planets of the Sun.

Question 3.  Mercury is exalted in which zodiac sign?

Answer 3. Mercury is exalted in the Virgo zodiac sign.

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