Mysterious Event In Space Will Affect The Nation-World & All Human Lives!

In June, a unique astronomical event is going to occur in which Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, will appear to be in a single straight line for a month after 18 years. In this situation, if someone wishes to see this rare sight then they can in the early morning. Now the question arises, is this just a mere astronomical event? Or will it impact the nation, world, and human lives?

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According to astrology, when a planet changes zodiac signs, changes motion to retrograde or direct, becomes combust by coming close to the sun or rises by moving further away from the Sun, or transits, it certainly impacts human lives. So it is only natural that when 5 big planets of our solar system come together, they will affect all human lives.

Planet Parade: There is no scientific definition of when planets come together in a single line. However, astronomy uses the term ‘planet parade’ to explain this event in common language and to the general public. In this context, the astronomical event we are talking about in this blog has been categorized in the ‘Planet Parade’ category.

Through this special blog, we will provide you with the information related to this rare astronomical event. We will also tell you about the impact it has on the nation, world, and general public.

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This Unique Sight Will Be Seen After 18 Years!

The planets directly impact our lives. So, astrologers and scientists always have sight on the movements and changes of these planets. It is believed that these planets will come together in the same manner in 2040 as well, and if we talk about the past, then the last time planets were visible in a straight line was in 2004. 

How Can We See These Planets?

You can see these planets when you come out of the house early in the morning. It is being said that as the month of June progresses, it will become easier to see Mercury in the sky. It is being speculated that on June 24, this sight will be very clear and special. 

On June 24, it will be possible to see the waning crescent between Venus and Mars. It is natural that this view will not be seen clearly with naked eyes. In such a situation, you will need binoculars for this and talking about the direction, then the most accurate direction to see this rare sight is going to be in the horizon towards east.

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These Dates Will Be Important For This Astronomical Event

3 & 4 June: These dates have already passed. However, it is believed that on these dates, the distance between Mercury and Saturn was the minimum. On this day, both these planets were visible at a distance of 91 degrees.

24 June: The most important day of this astronomical event is being considered to be 24 June and you will have 1 hour to witness this magnificent event. Besides this, the Moon will be seen between Venus and Mars on this day, which will make this Planet Parade more special.

Do you know? The 5 planets we are talking about in this blog- Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, together form the ‘Mahapurush Yoga’. It is said that if a person has this yoga in his horoscope then he is as lucky as Lord Krishna. According to astrology, it is said that when any of these five planets is present in the original triangle or center, then the luck of the person shines. Panch Mahapurush Yoga is most meaningful when these planets are situated in the Kendra (center). Astrologers believe that this Panch Mahapurush Yoga was present in the horoscopes of Lord Shri Ram and Krishna.

These Two Days Will Also Be Special In June

Along with 24 June, remember 21 June as well, as it is the longest day of the year. On this day, the night will be short and the day will be longer. Besides this, the Moon will come closer to Jupiter on this day. On 22 June, it will come closer to Mars. On 23 June, the Moon will appear to be bigger than all other planets. On 26 June, the Moon will appear closer to Venus. On 27 June, Mercury will appear closer to the Moon.

In June, These Signs Will Be Visible In The Sky

Talking about the zodiac signs after the planets, then in June, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio will be seen in the sky without the help of binoculars. 

Apart from this, which planet is in which zodiac sign? If we talk about this then, Sun is present in Taurus which will enter Gemini on 21st June. Mercury is in Taurus, and Venus is in Aries, Mars and Jupiter are in Pisces, Saturn is in Capricorn.

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This Astronomical Event Will Affect The Nation, World, And Human Lives

To understand the impact of this rare astronomical event on nation, world, and human lives, let’s find out what the renowned astrologer of AstroSage, Acharyaa Kriti Bhargava has to say:

  • With these planets coming in this straight line, there is a strong apprehension that there may be a heated debate among the world leaders on some issue.
  • There is also a possibility of a problem due to some absurd statements by government officials.
  • There will be a boom in the agriculture sector. Prices of sugar, jaggery, and other food items are likely to increase.
  • Venus is also present in this straight line, and due to this change of Venus, an improvement in the economic condition of the country can be seen.
  • India’s relations with neighboring states are going to be average due to Mercury’s presence in the straight line.
  • Apart from this, the world can see a boom in the automobile industry under the influence of Venus.
  • Mars is also included in this straight line. In such a situation, there seems to be a strong possibility of getting benefits from the land due to this change of Mars and its aspect on Scorpio, so investing property in rural areas during this time period can prove to be beneficial.
  • Due to these planets coming together in a straight line, conditions of natural calamities like earthquakes and storms can be created, especially in the North-East region.
  • Also, there can be a huge jump in the prices of petrol, oil, gas. Due to this, there may be trouble in the manufacturing companies as well as some obstacles may also be seen in the maritime cargo ships.
  • Sectors such as mining, banking, medicine, stock markets, and crypto may face some challenges during this time period.
  • After June 27, the situation of war between Russia and Ukraine may settle or it is possible that during this time they will be able to find a solution to their problem.
  • The Indian Army is going to appear in a strong position in this time period.
  • Some policies can be made by the government which will prove to be a relief to the poor section of the country.
  • New taxes can be introduced by the government.
  • After this significant change of planets, an increase in the export and import sector can be seen.

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