5 Planetary Transits: The Biggest Dream Of 5 Zodiacs Will Come True

In astrology, June 2024 will be very significant since five major planets will be in motion during this month. The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun will all change signs during this time, while Saturn—also referred to as the planet that bestows karma—will also shift in motion. All 12 zodiac signs will experience both positive and negative effects from the motion of these five major planets. But those born under the fifth sign will also benefit greatly from this, seeing an increase in good fortune.

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We can inform you that those born under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius will benefit from the planets’ transit in June. Now, let’s find out who will profit from the five main planetary transits in June. But first, let’s see which planets will be changing signs in the zodiac in June.

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5 Major Planetary Transits In June

Mars’s transit will occur at the beginning of June. On June 1, 2024, at 03:27 p.m., Mars—the planet of land, courage, bravery, and blood—will enter its own sign of Aries. After that, on June 2, at 06:10 p.m., Mercury will enter Taurus.  On June 3, Jupiter will rise in Taurus at 03:21 a.m. Venus will enter Gemini on June 12 at 06:15 p.m. On June 14, at 10:55 p.m., Mercury will enter Gemini. On June 15, the Sun will then enter Gemini at 12:16 a.m. Mercury will transit in Cancer at 12:13 p.m. on June 29, the day that Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius at 11:40 p.m..

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01 June, 2024SaturdayMars Transit in AriesAt 03:27 pm
02 June, 2024SundayMercury Rise in TaurusAt 06:10 pm
03 June, 2024MondayJupiter rise in Taurus At 03: 21 am
12 June, 2024WednesdayVenus Transit In GeminiAt 06:15 pm
14 June, 2024FridayMercury Transit In Geminiat 10:55 pm
15 June, 2024SaturdaySun Transit in GeminiAt 12:16 am
27 June, 2024ThursdayMercury Rise In GeminiAt 04:22 am
29 June, 2024SaturdayMercury Transit In CancerAt 12:13 pm
29 June, 2024SaturdaySaturn Retrograde In AquariusAt 11:40 pm

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5 Major Planetary Transits Will Benefit These Zodiacs


You will have great prosperity and auspiciousness from the five major planets changing positions in June. Individuals seeking employment will have access to favorable prospects, and those who hold jobs already may advance in their careers or get pay increases. It’s going to be an amazing time for individuals running their own businesses. You’ll be happy since you’ll make good profits. They will be successful in helping you grow your business. June may prove to be a progressive month for you.  Now is the time to receive some excellent news. Your earnings could rise. It will be possible for you to save money in this situation.

During this time, you and your partner’s relationship will get better. You and your partner might argue in a loving way. You and your lover will have a wonderful relationship and you could think you were meant to be together. 


Major planets in June will have favorable effects on those born under the sign of Taurus. Venus will bring joy and comfort into your life during this time, and the Sun’s auspicious influence may launch your job into new heights. You won’t experience any serious health issues during this time, and your health will be fine. Good fortune will help you with your work, family, and financial goals. These folks could have to do a lot of traveling during this time, including international trips.

In terms of your career, you will prioritize greater moral standards in your life. You might be able to find satisfying on-the-job opportunities during this time. Through the blessings of Mercury, there’s a possibility that your exceptional skills will earn you a promotion or other unique incentive. If you own your own company, people will notice that you take great care to turn a profit.

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The Leo zodiac has every chance of seeing favorable improvements in their lives as a result of the planets’ June zodiac sign change. Your income can rise if you create additional revenue streams. Your bank balance will also be higher than it was previously as a result of this. You’ll be able to make a respectable living. These folks might receive money from unforeseen sources or from inherited property.

Your relationship with your lover will continue to be warm and loving during this time. You will both be very committed to each other at this time, which will make everyone take notice of your relationship. You will be able to fulfill your spouse’s wishes in this situation. Mercury is in a transit that will be beneficial to your health. You’ll stay in shape during this period since you’ll be enthusiastic and energetic. You won’t experience any serious health issues at this time.


You and your spouse will continue to have a lovely and loving relationship during this time. Because of your mutual devotion to one another during this period, your partnership will gain popularity with others. You will be able to grant your spouse his or her wants in this case. Mercury’s transit will benefit your health in the long run. You will be enthusiastic and vivacious during this period, which will help you stay in shape. During this time, you won’t experience any serious health issues.  You will have the opportunity to save money in addition to making money in a situation like this. You can also make money by traveling overseas. 

You may purchase a new home during this time, or there’s a chance that some fortunate work will be done in current home. You will also find that long distance travel is beneficial. The partner’s relationship will continue to be friendly. You and your partner will be able to develop better values in your relationship in a situation like this. In terms of health, your vitality and enthusiasm may be the cause of your good health. 

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Your life will benefit greatly from these planets’ June zodiac shift. You’ll have good luck, which will result in a good money inflow. Entrepreneurs may find a business partner or land a major contract, which might completely turn their fate. It is also possible that you may receive a promotion at work, which will make you seem happy.

It might provide opportunities for both earning and saving money. Ancestral property may provide these people with unanticipated financial benefits. You will laugh and joke around with your buddy during some very memorable moments. Your mutual understanding will grow greater in a situation like this. You have the enthusiasm within you, which may help you to keep up your fitness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How many planetary transits will take place in June? 

Answer. There will be 5 major planetary transits in June. 

Question 2. When will Mars transit in June? 

Answer. Mars will transit on 01 June 2024.

Question 3. Which are the most beloved zodiacs of Saturn? 

Answer. Saturn is the planet that rules Aquarius and Capricorn. These zodiac signs are particularly fortunate for Saturn.

Question 4. What happens when Saturn aspects its zodiacs or exalted sign?

Answer. In astrology, fortunate outcomes are achieved anytime Saturn crosses over a sign, both its exalted sign and its zodiac sign.


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