Grand Planetary Conjunction in Capricorn in February: Nation and Worldwide Impact

The planetary transits hold a special place in Vedic Astrology. This is because these planetary transits not only affect humankind but also have a huge impact on the national and global levels in some way or another. These planets influence our lives somehow, as each planet possesses a special quality and behaviour, and these aspects change during the planetary transit from one zodiac sign to another. This brings favourable and unfavourable outcomes in the lives of different natives.

February is about to begin, and like every other month, there will be planetary transits of various planets in this month too, which specifically include the transit of Mars and Venus. However, besides these two planets, other planets will also form special conjunction, which has grabbed the attention of various Astrologers worldwide. So, today we will provide you insights into the grand planetary conjunction forming in Capricorn, which will influence the lives of natives in one way or another. All the information in this blog is penned down by our learned Astrologer Acharya Mragaank

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What is the Grand Planetary Conjunction in February?

There will be five transits in February, but to understand this special conjunction, you will need to pay attention to transits by two major planets, namely, Mars and Venus. The Sun will be present in Capricorn at the beginning of the month but it will change its position and enter into the Aquarius zodiac sign on February 13, at 3:12 am.

Saturn is already transiting in the sign of Capricorn. In this regard, Mars will enter in its exalted sign Capricorn on 26th February, at 2:46 pm. The next day, i.e. 27th February, Venus will enter Capricorn at 9:53 am, and when it will enter Capricorn, the Moon and Mercury will already be present in the same sign.

Therefore, with the transit of Mars and Venus, there will be a formation of Panchagrahi Yoga of five planets in Capricorn in February. Let’s find out the impact of this conjunction in the nation and world.

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What Will Be The Impact Of This Panchagrahi Yoga On The National And International Level?

The formation of the grand conjunction in Capricorn will not only have a great influence on February 2022 but on the coming time as well.

From the viewpoint of Kalchakra’s horoscope, Capricorn is the zodiac sign of the Karmic house, i.e. the tenth house, and it shows the Karmic dominance. In this context, Mars being exalted in Saturn governed Capricorn zodiac sign, and the presence of Venus, Mercury, and the Moon with Saturn indicates the strengthening of the army and backward section of the society. In other words, some concrete steps could be taken in regards to the backward and weaker section of the society and the Indian army, which will result in their betterment as a whole. The labourers of our country will also experience an increment in their income, and new measures will be taken for their advancement. The Indian army will be strengthened, and our sovereignty will also increase in the strategic field.

If we consider the charts of Independent India, then it is the horoscope of Taurus Ascendant, and it is in its ninth house, i.e. the house of fate, that this Panchagrahi Yoga is forming. Now if we talk about the zodiac sign of Independent India, then it is being formed in the seventh house from the Cancer zodiac sign. In this context, this Panchagrahi Yoga will prove to enhance the reputation of our country and India will create a special identity in the world. The youth of our country and the people of the labour class will improve their position in society, and their work will be highly recognised. This will encourage and strengthen our countrymen which will further enhance India’s image on a global level. India will also have an upper hand with the enemy nations. 

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Elections and Politics

Recently, assembly elections were announced in some states of our country. So, if we look at the political scene then the importance of middle class, lower-middle-class, and backward castes will increase, and all the political parties will want to take advantage of them to get into power. Besides this, there are good chances of an increase in the dominance of the upper castes. Thus, it can be said that these elections will be fought based on backward and upper castes.

Both Venus and Moon are female-dominated planets so, the participation of women in this election is going to be remarkable. If we look at the bigger picture then on the political front, India will stand much above its counterpart nations which will strengthen India’s position in the foreign countries. Many nations will be seen seeking help from India.


This special conjunction will surely affect our nation and the world. This Panchagrahi Yoga will improve the economy of our country and exemptions can be made in the budget for some taxes. There are also possibilities of special packages and tax amendments for the middle class and employed natives. The budget this time can be expansionist. The budget will focus mainly on railways, the army, and schemes for the poor. From the world’s perspective, there will be chances of conflicts among many nations which will result in the downfall of their economy. India may bag new contracts with foreign countries in the field of health and trade.

Health System

Presently, there is an atmosphere of distress due to the emergence of a new Covid variant, Omicron, but it will be somewhat put to a halt after the formation of this Panchagrahi Yoga. The situation will start to come under control but there will still be some time to completely get rid of this disparity as on one hand, this Panchagrahi Yoga will try to control the situation, but on the other hand, the opposing nature of the planets will make it a time taking process.


Capricorn is the zodiac sign of the Earth element. Saturn is the planet of Vata Nature, Mars is of Fire nature, Venus is of Vata-Kapha nature, and Moon is of Kapha nature. In this regard, the outbreak of cold waves will suddenly increase, but then it will start to decrease due to the impact of Mars. There will be sudden rainfall too. There will be a lot of weather changes, and respiratory diseases will take a toll.

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Favourable or Unfavourable Outcomes for Which Signs?

This planetary transit will have a positive impact on various zodiac signs. It will especially be fruitful for the natives of Aries, Taurus, and Pisces zodiac sign. Your financial and career-related problems will be eliminated and there will be chances of your progress. You will enjoy monetary gains and will start implementing your plans. All your wishes will come true, which will make you happy. This will be a favourable time for you.

On the contrary, the natives under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini will have to be careful as you may have to bear financial losses and health issues. There are chances of undergoing surgery or meeting with an accident, so be alert at all times.

What Will Be The Impact On The Natives Of Capricorn Zodiac Sign?

The natives born under the Capricorn zodiac sign will mostly enjoy a fruitful time due to the formation of this Panchagrahi Yoga as it is taking shape in their sign only. On one hand, their financial condition will improve, but on the other hand, there are chances of a decline in their health. You will need to pay attention to your health and eating habits or else, you will incur some disease. But this Panchagrahi Yoga will benefit you on the financial front. 

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