5 Planetary Conjunctions That Can Make You Wealthy

As per the science of Astrology, the movement of planets plays a key role in impacting the lives of all living beings directly or indirectly. If planets are in a strong position in one’s Kundli, they can achieve good success even with little efforts and if the planets are in a weak position, a lot of labour is required even for a little success, and if the situations are grim, the results are absolutely unrewarded.       

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Each Kundli has 12 houses and all of them are related to different areas of life. When a planet transits, it not only changes its zodiac sign but also moves in another house in Kundli, and thus, the impact on the natives is observed accordingly. In some special conditions, it conjuncts with other planets while transiting and forms different Yogas. Like the impact of planets, Yogas also have both favourable and unfavourable results.      

In this regard, we will make you aware of those 5 Yogas, which if formed in one’s Kundli, can change their life overnight.  

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Parvat Yoga

How is Parvat Yoga Formed? 

Parvat Yoga is highly auspicious and is observed in three ways in one’s Kundli. So, let’s have a look at all those ways. 

  • If the ruling lord of the first house in a person’s horoscope, i.e. Lagnesh, is in its exalted position or is present in its own zodiac sign along with angular houses (first, fourth, seventh, and tenth house) or triangular houses (fifth, and ninth house), it leads to the formation of Parvat Yoga.
  • If any planet is present in the sixth and eighth house of a native’s horoscope and if at all it is so, it is auspicious. Along with this, if all auspicious planets are present in angular houses, it leads to the formation of Parvat Yoga in one’s horoscope. 
  • If in a native’s horoscope, the lord of the first house i.e. Lagnesh, and the lord of the twelfth house i.e. dwadashesh are present in the angular position of each other, then also Parvat Yoga is formed. 

Impact of Parvat Yoga on Life

If Parvat Yoga is formed in one’s Kundli, such natives are considered very lucky. They are interested in politics and sometimes, choose this field as their career and achieve success. High position like Chief Minister or any other post is achieved due to this Parvat Yoga. Such people are considered good orators and writers. Whosoever native has Parvat Yoga in their Kundli is laced with rights, financially strong, commands respect in the society, leads a happy family life, etc.   

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Parijat Yoga

What forms Parijat Yoga? 

If the lord of the first house of a native’s horoscope i.e. Lagnesh is present in any house, the lord of that house or the lord of the ninth house of that zodiac sign is present in angular house (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house) or in a Triangular house (fifth or ninth house), then, Parijat Yoga is formed. 

Impact of Parijat Yoga on Life

In the domain of Vedic astrology, Parijat Yoga is considered to be the best. People with Parijat Yoga touch great heights in their lives. However, they achieve success after struggling hard in their life. They earn money and command respect after leading almost half of their lives. They are kind by nature and are inclined to good and religious deeds. They are also fond of animals like elephants, camels, horses, etc., and take care of them. They have a special status in society and even the high profile officers deal with them with great respect.      

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Dhan Yoga

How is Dhan Yoga Formed? 

Different position of planets in a horoscope leads to the formation of Dhan Yoga. 

  • If the ruling lord of the first house of a Kundli, i.e. Lagnesh, is forming any relationship with the lord of the second house, the house of money, then such a situation forms Dhan Yoga. 
  • If the ruling lord of the second house, the house of money, is present in the eighth house, the house of life and death, it leads to the formation of Dhan Yoga. However, such natives have to labour hard to get money.   
  • If the ruling lord of the first house of a native i.e. Lagnesh is present in the tenth house, the house of career or Karma, then, in such a scenario, Dhan Yoga is formed. Such natives are successful in accumulating money more than their parents. 
  • Mercury is the significator of business. In this regard, if Mercury is present in the natives bearing Cancer or Aries zodiac sign, it accounts to the formation of Dhan Yoga. Such people are very rich. 
  • If any planet is present in the angular house i.e. first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house, then, the formation of Dhan Yoga takes place. Such people are able to save a lot of money and lead a comfortable life. 
  • If Mercury, the benefactor of business, Jupiter, the significator of spirituality, and Venus, the lord of lust, form conjunction in any house, such natives earn money through religious activities. 
  • If the ruling lord of the fifth house, the house of children and education, is present in the tenth house of any native, they get financial benefits from their children. 
  • If Saturn, Mars, and Rahu form a conjunction in the seventh house, the Kalatra Bhava, then it amounts to Dhan Yoga. Such people are rewarded by commission.   
  • If the ruling lord of the first house and the ruling lord of the fifth house form conjunction or some relation is established in between them, even then, there is a formation of Dhan Yoga. Such natives are extremely wealthy.  
  • If there is a conjunction of Moon and Mars in the second, ninth, tenth, or eleventh house, it forms Dhan Yoga. However, there should not be any negative impact on such houses in any case.  

Impact of Dhan Yoga on Life

Dhan Yoga is directly connected with financial life. In this context, if there is a formation of Dhan Yoga in a person’s horoscope, there is a strong possibility of financial gains. Also, the natives enjoy splendid social life and are revered by society. There are very little possibilities of problems. Apart from this, such natives do not confront problems like borrowing money or taking loans.      

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Mahalakshmi Yoga

What forms Mahalakshmi Yoga?

If Moon and Mars form conjunction in a house then it accounts to the formation of Mahalakshmi Yoga. Along with this, the lord of the second house, the house of wealth, is present in the eleventh house, the house of profits, and the favourable impact of any planet is on the second house, then, there is a formation of Mahalakshmi Yoga.

Impact of Mahalakshmi Yoga on Life

This Yoga has a special significance in Vedic astrology. The formation of this Yoga brings mysterious changes in one’s life. Such natives are perfect in their life. This conjunction affords promotion to the employed natives. The business people with Dhan Yoga progress by leaps and bounds. This Yoga bestows perfection, fortune and keeps them away from lust. 

Amla Yoga

How is Amla Yoga formed?

If any auspicious planet such as Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter is present in the tenth position from the position of Moon, and the aspect of an auspicious planet is on it and this results in the formation of Amla Yoga. 

Impact of Amla Yoga on Life

Natives bearing Amla Yoga never face financial crunches. They are good orators and benevolent to others. They believe in religious deeds. Owing to their kind nature, they earn respect in society. They lead simple and bountiful life. They are successful in achieving greater heights and they maintain cordial relations with others.    

Note: The complete benefit of the above-cited five Yogas is awarded only when the conjunctions or Yogas related to these planets are formed in the horoscope under Graha Dasha-Antardasha.  

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