Guru Chandal Yoga Forms In Aries; 3 Other Zodiacs Must Also Beware!

As July 2023 approaches, Aries individuals need to be cautious as their horoscope shows the formation of a Guru Chandal Yoga due to the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter. This alignment could have negative effects on their lives, including financial loss and health-related issues. Challenges may also arise in their married life. Let’s explore which signs may be affected by negative influences in July 2023 and what to expect for the entire month.

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Negative Effects on Zodiac Signs in July 2023:


The formation of Guru Chandal Yoga in the horoscope of Aries individuals may negatively impact their intelligence and decision-making abilities. They may struggle to make correct decisions, leading to potential losses. Seeking the advice of experts before making significant choices is recommended. Additionally, they should pay attention to their health, follow a balanced diet, and practice yoga and pranayama. However, their financial situation will remain stable.


Leo individuals need to exercise self-control over their anger and speech to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts that can turn them into enemies. Unexplained arguments may arise, causing disruptions in their work. Anger can give rise to various problems during this period.

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Scorpio individuals should be cautious during July. Their temperament and speech need to be regulated, as uncontrolled anger can create enemies. Relationships may suffer, and professional endeavors could face obstacles. This period can have a negative impact on their married life, and there may be disputes that strain their relationships. They should be mindful of their health, as well.


Aquarius individuals may experience some tension in their married life during this month. The behavior of their life partner could be a cause for concern, potentially affecting their relationship. There may be a fear of the relationship breaking apart. Their health may also be affected, and they should avoid making any mistakes that could lead to a breakup.

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