4 Zodiac Signs Are Dear To Lord Hanuman; Are You On The List?

In today’s society, everyone enjoys having a decent and pleasant morning and reading their horoscope before starting the day. If you are reading this blog then probably you are among those readers. AstroSage warmly welcomes you to today’s blog post which will talk about one of the beloved gods, Lord Hanuman, the devotee of Lord Rama. 

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Lord Hanuman is one of the favorite Gods among the devotees and people worship him with complete devotion. Anyone who worships Hanuman Ji with sincere devotion is said to receive his blessings. In accordance with astrology, there are a total of four Zodiac signs who are quite dear to Lord Hanuman and they always attain the blessing of him. Are you curious to know about these zodiac signs? Then read this blog till the end and check out if your zodiac sign is also included in this list or not!

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Lord Hanuman: The Most Revered Deity In Hinduism

As mentioned above, one of the most popular Hindu deities is Lord Hanuman, who is renowned for his love, compassion, devotion, power, and wisdom. On Tuesdays, a large number of people can be seen worshiping Lord Hanuman. The largest Hanuman temples can be found throughout India.

The Ramayana, a Hindu epic, includes Lord Hanuman as one of its main characters. The true meaning of the term “Hanuman” is unknown to many of us. Hanu means “jaw” and mana means “disfigured” in Sanskrit. This term refers to the event when Hanumana, a renown young superhero, soared to the sun believing it to be a fruit. Hanuman was thrown back to Earth by a furious Lord Indra, who left him with a disfigured jaw. 

Hanuman is revered by all Hindu communities since he is a global deity. Hanuman is renowned for being a devoted follower of Lord Rama. With his assistance, Rama was able to save Sita Devi and ultimately end the war by killing Ravana. Hanuman represents achievement and contentment. To succeed, one requires purity, commitment, intelligence, strength, and courage. According to the scriptures, the devotion of Lord Hanuman is believed to be particularly beneficial in Kalyug. Tuesday worship of Hanuman ji yields astounding effects. Even the spoiled taks or halted tasks get finished successfully because of his glory. This is the reason, he is also known as Sankatmochan. 

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List Of Zodiac Signs Who Are Dear To Lord Hanuman

Despite the fact that Hanuman Ji resolves the issues of every one of his followers, astrology has identified four zodiac signs for which Lord Hanuman ji bestows his special blessings. Let’s find out those fortunate signs in the list provided below:


The first zodiac sign Aries comes at the first number in the list of one of Lord Hanuman’s favorite zodiac signs, according to astrology. The people born under this sign continue to enjoy Hanuman Ji’s special grace. Natives of this zodiac sign are quick to address any problems that arise. Aries people are said to have strong willpower and the ability for concentration since Hanuman ji is believed to constantly be delighted with them.

In addition, Aries individuals can amass fortune by skill, knowledge, and cleverness.  The beliefs state that Aries people should worship Hanuman Ji on every Tuesday because by doing this all of their problems disappear and they observe good fortune. Aside from this, those born under this sign never experience financial difficulties. 


The persons born under this zodiac sign are said to receive particular blessings in life through the presence of Hanuman Ji.  People born under the sign of Leo are shielded from their life problems by Hanuman Ji. Due to his glory, Leo natives are able to avoid any problem or mishap that may come their way. Usually the family environment of these natives is always peaceful and positive.

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These people constantly receive money and face no financial shortage thanks to Hanuman Ji’s grace. They make significant progress in their careers and businesses. These persons significantly benefit from Hanuman Ji’s blessings, which provide them the quality of leadership ability. Such individuals cease to have an influence on others. Worshiping Hanuman Ji will instantly solve all of the issues of Leo people.


People born under the sign of Scorpio receive special blessings from Hanuman ji. People born under this sign succeed in all of their endeavors thanks to Lord Hanuman Ji’s blessing. Within a split second, Hanuman ji corrects their ruined and spoiled tasks and makes them successful and fruitful for the natives. By the grace of Hanuman Ji, they are able to finish their essential work. These individuals gain a lot from worshiping Lord Hanuman Ji. Furthermore, they are less affected by their lack of financial resources.


People born under this sign are particularly blessed by Hanuman ji as Hanuman ji bestows extra benefits on Aquarians. People of Aquarius prosper in all of their pursuits and their tasks are free of obstacles thanks to his grace. Additionally, none of their jobs are hampered. People born under this sign lead happy, prosperous lives full of joy. Their economic situation is also favorable. If the person born under this sign frequently worships Hanuman Ji, then he would soon be satisfied with him. So these natives are recommended to visit Hanuman temple on every Tuesday.

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