Mercury Transit In Taurus Brings Good Fortune To 4 Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit In Taurus: Mercury is the planet of intellect, Communication, diligence, reasoning, and business while Taurus Zodiac has traits like vitality, boldness, and assertiveness. So, this transit is bringing a bag of fortune for 4 zodiacs and blesses them with wealth, success, assertiveness, health, and positivity. This transit will also bring a treasure of success for the natives associated with the fields of media, Entertainment, and technology.

So, let’s discuss the 4 Zodiacs that will be highly benefited by the transition of Mercury into Venus’s own sign Taurus on 7th June 2023 at 19:40.

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Mercury’s transit in the Taurus in the first house of self and nature will open the doors of fortune for the natives as Mercury is the lord of the second and fifth house. New sources of earnings will open and you will capitalize it. Increased focus on investment and savings will gain you a lot, especially for your loved ones. Investments made in the past will now yield high returns. 

The habit of savings will prove to be a boon and your expenses will be low. The money saved will yield high profits in the future. The relationship between you and your family members will be on a high. There will be an environment of mutual understanding and harmony among the family members. On the career front, you could get a new job or promotion. Good health will be an added benefit for you.


Mercury is transiting in your ninth house and this period will prove to be awesome and overwhelming for your professional and personal life. You will be appreciated by your bosses as well as your colleagues. New projects and responsibilities can be awarded to you in which you will be highly successful. 

You are likely to get new job opportunities with good packages and this will grant you good career satisfaction. You will also achieve tremendous success as an entrepreneur or a businessman. You will be able to close new deals yielding high profits and less investment. Gaining profits will be a constant thing and you are likely to win over your business rivals.

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Mercury will transit in your fifth house and it will increase your fortune. Constant progress in the professional front and harmonious relationships with your loved ones and siblings are indicated by this transit. You will prosper professionally day and night and may get opportunities to work abroad. Working abroad will open new horizons for you. Appraisals and promotions are in store for you that will motivate you and will give career satisfaction. 

Businessmen are likely to get high profits and returns and investments will prove to be a boon. You will also maintain cordial relations with your loved ones and you can propose your beloved for marriage this year which will prove to be an overwhelming decision. You will also prosper spiritually and can go on a pilgrimage along with your spouse and family.

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Mercury will transit into the third house of your birth chart and it indicates gains in your professional front. Appraisals and promotions are likely to happen that will boost your career. The natives in search of a job may get their dream job with a good offer. You are likely to get a job offer from overseas or could be transferred to an expatriate location that will bring gains, success, and happiness.

This period will prove to be an awesome journey for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Challenges will come but you will overcome them with your wit and strategic planning and make yourself stronger. Personal relations will be harmonious and you will strike a good balance between personal and professional with the help of your wisdom and proper efforts.

So, the transit of Mercury in Taurus on 7th June 2023 will bring a bag of fortune for the 4 zodiacs and mixed results for others. If you are a lucky one and belong to one of the four. Stay humble and make the best use of this dream period.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question 1. When will Mercury transit in June 2023?

Answer. Mercury transit in Taurus will happen on 7th June 2023 at 07:40 P.M.

Question 2. Is Mercury a good planet or a malefic planet?

Answer. Mercury is termed as a positive planet. 

Question 3. Mercury’s placement: which houses are good?

Answer. Mercury is good in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th houses.

Question 4. Who are the friendly planets and enemy planets of Mercury?

Answer.  The friends of Mercury are Sun and Venus while Moon is its enemy. 

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