Venus Transit In Aries; A Dash Of Attention For These Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Aries 2023: The planet Venus takes an exalted place among the nine great planets of our Solar system. It is the second-fastest moving planet, and changes the zodiac signs at a relatively faster speed giving quick and impactful outcomes in every aspect of our existence. Venus is a helpful and a beneficial planet which gives us material comfort, attractiveness, love, beauty, and so much more. Earth’s twin sister, Venus takes 23 days to transit from one zodiac sign to another.

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With Mercury and Saturn, Venus shares cordial relations and with Sun and Moon it shares animosity. However, Venus is neutral with Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu. Venus is considered having a feminine essence and plays a pivotal role in all areas of life. Love planet Venus holds the ownership of three Nakshatras which are Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purvashada Naskhatra. So, with this blog we will find when this fascinating transit is taking place and which are those zodiac signs which should give a little bit of attention!

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Venus Transit In Aries: Date & Time

The Guru of Gods and Demons, Venus transiedt in the zodiac sign of leadership and independence, Aries on 12th March 2023, at 8:13 am. The effect of this incredible transit will fall on each zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle. However, we will discover below which zodiac signs need to be attentive during this period!

Venus Transit In Aries: Zodiacs To Exercise Some Caution


For the natives of Bull, Venus is their ruling lord and with this transit it will come in your twelfth house. Venus is the ruling lord of your ninth house as well. Health-wise this transit might not be favorable for you as this Venus transit is taking place in your twelfth house which signifies expenses, seclusion, hospital, and overseas land. Health issues might come up and expenses due to that might rise. Having a balanced diet, and physical workout will go a long way for you and it will be beneficial. Self-discipline is a must for Taurus natives during this transit period as they might come across situations that might land them in trouble. However, traveling overseas during this time could be done!

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With this transit Venus is coming into your eighth house and rules the second house and ninth house. The eighth house of Virgo natives signifies lastingness, abrupt happenings, and covertness. Luck might not favor you during this time and the health of your father might degrade, so, keep tabs on his health. Health-wise you might suffer from urinary tract infection and allergies. However, financially this period will treat the Virgo natives very well. Ancient property might come your way and your relationship with your in-laws will be on the good side. 


For Scorpio natives Venus holds the lordship of twelfth and seventh houses and with this transit it will come in your sixth house. The outcomes of this transit will neither be good nor bad, they will be varied. Marital lives of Scorpio natives might stumble during this period. Good communication is the key to saving your relationships, as tensions might rise due to some misunderstandings. Your expenses might rise during this time, but they will be either used medically or for your own traveling. 

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