Samsaptak Rajyoga: A Rare Phenomenon Pious For 3 Zodiacs

Samsaptak Rajyoga is a rare and a strong phenomenon in astrology formed when two planets are in opposition. Opposition means when two planets are exactly at an angle of 180 degrees. Oppositions are the second most powerful aspect after conjunctions in Vedic astrology. The opposition of Planets creates a unique and exalted energy between the planets involved. It may also produce arguments, debates, differences in opinions, and confrontations between people if the two planets involved are extremely opposite and polar. If the energies of the two plants are not positively channelised this Yoga can lead to highly negative effects also.

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But, if the energies between the planets are properly channelised. This Yoga can benefit the natives in a highly auspicious way. The native can utilize this as a highly creative, positive, and energetic power source.

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Sun-Saturn Samsaptak Rajyoga

Both Sun and Saturn are extremely powerful planets in Vedic astrology but they share a confronting relationship. While Sun is considered as father of Saturn, Saturn is always dissatisfied by the views of Sun.  Sun and Saturn mostly take parallel paths by giving results to a native. Saturn is the justice of deeds and always gives the results according to one’s deeds(Karmas).  It is the benefactor of jobs and services, metals, industries, and age. It makes a native hardworking and disciplined human being and if the native works hard and helps the poor, respects his parents/elders, and shows mercy on animals, then the Planet Saturn becomes happy and grants happiness, success, wealth , and spirituality to the native. It teaches us to lead a humble and disciplined life. 

While the Sun is the main source of light and energy on earth. It is known as “Father Of The Stars”,  and it is very near to our Mother Earth. It is also considered  as the center of the entire solar system in astrology. It is the benefactor of government, head, and authoritative position in the society. It also acts as a leader in society. The natives with benefic Sun receive good education, attain high government positions and stay healthy  as Sun provides the vital energy to continue life.

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In Samsaptak Yoga, Sun and Saturn are placed in exact mutual opposition. These conflicting planets form a Samsaptak rajyoga. This Yoga can be damaging in the form of money-loss, health, and vital energy if the planets are negatively placed.  It can be highly auspicious if the placement of planets is positive and grants wealth, success, and fame to the natives. The presence of benefic planets like Venus can also help this Yoga in granting highly beneficial results. Now, Let’s discuss the favorable effects of this Yoga upon three zodiacs.

Samsaptak Rajyoga Extremely Pious For These 3 Zodiacs


Samsaptak Rajyoga can prove to be highly beneficial for the natives of Taurus Zodiac. Venus is the Zodiac lord of Taurus and right now it is in retrograde position in the third house. This will increase your valor and braveness. The natives may also get benefitted by foreign contacts. The natives involved in export and import business will also get benefitted. Saturn and Sun are also making another Rajyoga in the Kundli. 

The natives who are involved in active politics will get highly auspicious results and they can gain important posts and portfolios in the government or in their respective parties. The natives in the engineering and architecture sector may also get excellent results. The natives working in  the Police department or in the armed forces will get extremely benefited and will excel in their respective fields. They could successfully complete a difficult operation and will get rewarded for their intellect and courage.

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Samsaptak Rajyoga will prove highly auspicious for the natives of Leo as Budhaditya Yoga is already formed in their zodiac. The natives should expect sudden monetary gains as the result of benefic placement of planets and formation of two Rajyogas. The natives will also enjoy the fulfillment of worldly pleasures. The natives involved in business activities will see growth and expansion in their businesses. The natives can also get benefitted by the purchase of property and vehicle.  The natives of Leo who are preparing for competitive exams will get unprecedented success. The students enrolled in higher education will also succeed.


The formation of Samsaptak Rajyoga will grant highly favorable results to the natives of Scorpio in terms of wealth, success, growth ,and recognition as the zodiac Lord Mars is also placed in the house of gains. The investments made in the past will now yield high returns. Budhaditya Rajyog will be formed in the tenth house of your transit birth chart. It will grant you higher success in your job or a business. The benefic placements of planets will help you in making social connections and expanding your network with positive and influential people uplifting your social status. This period will help you in attaining worldly pleasures and you will be successful in attaining materialistic happiness.

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So, from time to time, the movement of planets, stars and constellations create a profound impact on human beings and the earth as a whole. Sometimes the benefic placement of planets who are opposite in nature leads to formation of highly auspicious yogas and grants enormous success, fame, wealth, success, growth and good health to the natives of some zodiacs.  This Samsaptak Rajyoga which is being formed due to movement of Sun in Leo Zodiac on 17th August 2023 in one such Yoga that will yield highly positive results for the natives of the above mentioned 3 zodiacs. So, the natives of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio should utilize the beneficial effects of this Yoga fully and create maximum wealth, success, prosperity and wisdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.  What is Samsaptak Yoga?

Answer 1. Samsaptak Yoga is formed when two planets are placed in mutual opposition.

Question 2. What are the benefits of Rajyoga in astrology?

Answer 2. Rajyoga in Kundali makes a person a born leader.

Question 3. Which Yoga is very rare in astrology?

Answer 3. The formation of Vasumati Yoga is considered highly rare in astrology.

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