Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga: Immense Wealth & Success For 3 Zodiacs

Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga are 2 highly auspicious yogas that bring a bag full of wealth, success, growth, development and prestige. It is said that there are more than 300 types of yogas that can be formed in a native’s birth chart but out of these 30 yogas are the most important. And out of these 30, there are 2 highly auspicious Yogas i.e. Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga which are being formed in the Leo zodiac due to the transit of Sun.

In Vedic astrology, the movement of planets and constellations leads to the formation of different auspicious & inauspicious yogas. The planets also transit in their own zodiac and in the Mooltrikona Sign that affects all forms of life and the earth. 

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What is Budhaditya Rajyoga?

Budhaditya Yoga is a highly auspicious yoga that is formed when Sun and Mercury are present in the same zodiac and in the same house. It has the power to change one’s destiny and take it to the next level. The Sun is the source of light and energy on earth and Mercury is the planet of intellect. Their presence in the same zodiac and house brings intelligence, fortune, name & fame, power, respect, and success, etc.

This time, the transit of the Sun in Leo where Mercury is already present is leading to the formation of extremely beneficial Budhaditya Yoga & Dhan Rajyoga. The effect of these two can be clearly seen in all the 12 zodiacs but particularly there are 3 zodiacs for which these to Rajyogas are extremely auspicious.

So, let’s not waste any time and know about those 3 zodiacs which are set to receive the maximum benefits from these two yogas.

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3 Zodiacs Getting Maximum Blessings Of Budhaditya & Dhan Raj Yoga in Leo


The formation of Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga may prove highly auspicious for the natives of Aries. The students preparing for the competitive exams may get unprecedented success. Also, the students aiming to pursue higher studies in a foreign land may get successful. You will reach new heights in your love life. The natives can also achieve growth and success in their respective jobs and business. The natives will experience success in every sphere of life. There will also be an increase in the materialistic comforts & luxuries in the life of the natives. You can also do shopping and invest somewhere in this time period. The natives can also go for a trip and have a good time.

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Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga will prove to be favorable for the natives of Taurus zodiac. The natives will get high returns while investing during this period. You can buy a property and may receive profits by buying and selling properties. You will also receive worldly pleasures and comforts. Some experienced people may help you in getting success in your workplace. Also you will receive respect and recognition. The natives who were suffering from illness will get relief and their disease will slowly get cured. The natives of Taurus who were unemployed will also get a new job offer.

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The natives of the Cancer zodiac will greatly benefit and will prosper due to the formation of the Budhaditya & Dhan Rajyoga, and Rajbhang Rajyoga. The working professionals of this sign will achieve promotion and increment in salary. You will also get respect and recognition from the senior management of your organization and they will also support you effectively. Their prestige and respect will also increase in society. The natives get gains from investment and trading in the stock market. This time is highly auspicious to plan vacations and trips with their spouses and family of the natives of Cancer.

So, the formation of the above-mentioned yogas will be highly auspicious and will bring a new set of opportunities to achieve growth, success, wealth, health, and prosperity in each sector of life for the natives of these 3 Zodiacs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.  Which month is lucky for Leo in 2023?

Answer 1. April, May, November, and December months will be highly favorable for Leo in 2023.

Question 2. In which house Budhaditya Yoga is very good?

Answer 2. Budhaditya Yoga is highly favorable in the 5th and 6th houses of the birth chart.

Question 3. Is the Sun a benefic planet or malefic?

Answer 3. The Sun is considered a malefic planet.

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