Saturn-Mars Conjunction Forms Inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga, 3 Zodiacs Will Face The Wrath!

Shadashtak Yoga is one of the most inauspicious Yogas formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Mars. Mars present in the sixth house with respect to Saturn and the conjunction of both these planets is the cause of the formation of this inauspicious Yoga. Saturn and Mars are enemy planets, while Saturn is the Karaka of poverty and Mars is responsible for all the violence and conflicts. The Conjunction of both these will bring negative effects for all the zodiacs and the world as a whole but 3 Zodiac signs that will be on the frontline to face the ill effects are discussed in this blog. So, stay glued and read till the end!

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3 zodiacs Will Be On The Radar Due To Shadashtak Yoga


The formation of Shadashtak Yoga will prove to be harmful for the Cancer natives. The presence of Mars is creating troubles and instability in their lives. The natives must take precautions as this period can bring health problems. They are advised to follow rules and they should not start any new work or venture. They should not indulge in any arguments or quarrel with anyone. The natives are advised to remain positive, and humble, and follow the right path with patience and perseverance. They should also watch their money and prevent themselves from overspending and wasteful spending. The natives are advised to worship Lord Shiva.


The formation of Shadashtak Yoga is inauspicious and unlucky for the natives of Leo. They may face economic problems and unnecessary expenses may rise. They may have to go for unwanted journeys that will prove tiresome. The natives will face stress due to the hurdles in life and the health of their parents may also deteriorate. You may meddle in disputes no matter how hard you will try to avoid them. You are advised to follow utmost safety and caution while driving any vehicle as accidents may occur. 

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The formation of Shadashtak Yoga is unlucky and may prove harmful for the natives of Sagittarius. You must not lend your money to anyone and should not make any new investments as you may suffer from financial losses. The natives are advised not to start any new work as the time is not favorable. You are advised not to make any financial transactions with your in-laws and should avoid any dispute with your spouse.  You may suffer from health ailments, especially in your mouth and throat. So please stay alert and consult a doctor immediately without any delay.

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So, the stars are doing their work and following their course affecting the lives of human beings positively and negatively. Through astrology, you could become aware of the bad times and follow the precautions accordingly and also make the best out of the auspicious times. So, stay connected and follow AstroSage to make every step of your life beneficial.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question 1. What is Shadashtak Yoga?

Answer 1. Whenever any two planets are present in the sixth house and eight house in conjunction with each other it is called Shadashtak Yoga.

Question 2. What happens when Saturn and Mars are together?

Answer 2. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars brings contingencies and emergencies in life.

Question 3. If Mars is the enemy of Saturn?

Answer 3. According to astrology, Mars and Saturn are considered as enemies.

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