These 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Will Showered With The Blessings of Goddess Laxmi

The sixth month of this year i.e June has arrived. Now many of you will be curious to know how special and auspicious this new month will be? If you really want to know then you are on the right page because in this special blog by Astrosage you will learn what this month will bring to you. 

Which zodiacs will be fortunate this month? And which of the signs might face some issues. 

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Ashadh Month Will Begin On 15 June

Before moving ahead, we want to let you know that till 14 June there will be Jyeshtha Month and on 15 June Ashadh month will begin. Ashadh month will end on 13 July.

Fast And Festivals In Ashadh Month 

Now let’s know about the fast and festivals in Ashadh Month:

15 June, 2022:       Mithoon Sankranti

17 June, 2022: Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi

19 June, 2022: Pitar Diwas

21 June, 2022: Kalashtami

24 June, 2022: Yogini Ekadashi

26 June, 2022: Pradosh Vrat

27 June, 2022: Rohini Vrat, Maas Shivratri

29 June, 2022: Amavasya

30 June, 2022: Gupt Navratri Prarambh , Chandra Darshan

01 July, 2022:            Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra

03 July, 2022: Varad Chaturthi, Saint Thomas Day

04 July, 2022: Kumar Shashti, Somwar Vrat

05 July, 2022: Shashti 

07 July, 2022: Durga Ashtami Vrat

10 July, 2022: Bakraid(Eid-Ul-Azha), Ashadhi Ekadashi

11 July, 2022:     Jaya Parvati Vrat Prarambh, Pradosh Vrat , Som Pradosg Vrat Jansankhya Diwas

13 July, 2022: Satya Vrat, Vyas Pooja, Purnima, Satya Vrat, Purnima Vrat , Guru Purnima

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Significance of Ashadh Month

Ashada month means the 4th month according to Hindu Panchang. Chaturmas begins with Ashada month. Chaturmas means the duration when we are prohibited to do any auspicious task. The first month of Chaturmas is the month of Shravan which is also called Sawan in simple language. Sawan month is dedicated to Bholenath.  

This is the best time for Meditation, Yoga and Study. Apart from this, as this month is directly related to Lord Shiva, it is quite auspicious and fruitful to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. 

Besides, in this month there is also a great importance of every Ekadashi, Pradosh Vrat and Masik Shivratri because Ekadashi is directly linked to Lord Vishnu and Pradosh Vrat and Masik are dedicated to Lord Shiva which is one of the most auspicious occasions. There is also Gupt Navratri in Ashada month. 

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Things To Do In Ashada Month

There will be 15 days of Ashada month in June however the monsoon begins during this period which also causes danger of possible infections. This is why people are advised to drink only boiled water. Including this, people should also take care of their diet and take a balanced and nutritious diet during this period. 

Blessings Of Mahalakshmi On These 3 Zodiac Signs

  • Taurus: Especially for Taurus, June is quite auspicious for the Taurus natives. During this period, there is a possibility that you will earn profit from ancestral property and you will be more respected in the society. There will be happiness in the family life. Including this, there are possible signs of financial profit during this period. Some of the natives could also travel to foreign countries.
  • Leo: For the Leo natives, this month will be quite auspicious because they will be blessed with fortune. With the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, their economic life will be affluent and more respected by the society. If you have made an investment or are planning to do so then you can get a good profit from it. At workplace you may get promoted or handed over with a big responsibility. Hard work will also prove to be beneficial for you.
  • Libra: The third luckiest zodiac sign in the month of June is Libra. During this period you will gain financial profit and working professionals will get such opportunities which will prove to be beneficial to them. Those who are looking for job, they can get good job offers and there is possibility of Promotion. If you are a businessman, then you will be successful in earning good profit. Apart from this, some of them may go on business tours and get benefits of it. 

These Zodiac Signs Have To Be Cautious

For Aries, Gemini, and Cancer, the beginning of this month might be inauspicious. During this period, you might not get fruitful results despite putting all your efforts in your work. Apart from this, there is also the possibility of dispute and conflict with Boss and colleagues. Also, those who own business, they might have to suffer loss or could be cheated by their business partner. In this period, you are advised to be more careful. 

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Vastu Shastra Remedies To Get Blessings Of Goddess Laxmi In June

  • If you are having constant loss in business and if you feel that Goddess Laxmi is unhappy with you, then in the northeast of your workplace, make Swastika with dry turmeric for 7 consecutive Thursdays. 
  • To receive blessings of Maa Laxmi, install a dancing statue of Ganesha at the place in your house where it is visible to everyone.
  • For economic benefits and receive blessings of Goddess Laxmi, install the idol of Lord Kuber along with the statue of Maa Laxmi. Keep this in mind that the auspicious directions to place Lord Kuber statue are the north, northeast or east direction.
  • Also, install Ekadashi Coconut in your house and worship it regularly to get blessings of Goddess Laxmi.
  • Along with it, according to Vastu Shastra keeping a Conch (Shankh) in the house removes the Vastu Dosh and Maa Laxmi arrives in the house. So install a Dakshinavarti Shankh in your house. But keep in mind that it should be covered in red cloth or else you can also pour holy water on it and keep it in the Pooja ghar and worship this Shankh regularly. 

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