Hindu New Year Begins In 3 Auspicious Rajyogas: 3 Zodiacs To Get Lucky!

3 Auspicious Rajyogas: Although the year has already begun on 1st January as per the English calendar, the Hindu new year hasn’t yet begun. According to the Vedic calendar, the Hindu New Year Samvat 2081 is starting from 9th April. This year, the Hindu New year is going to be very important because according to astrological calculations, after about 30 years, the 3 auspicious yogas are being formed. On 9th April, Amrit Siddhi yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi yoga and Rajyoga Shash are going to be formed. On the other hand, according to Astrology, the king of the Hindu New year is Mars, the commander of the planets and the minister will be Saturn. In such circumstances, the impact of Saturn and Mars will be seen throughout the  year, which will bless certain zodiacs with eternal fortune and immense success. Although this Rajyoga will impact all the 12 zodiacs, there will be 3 special zodiacs which will be blessed the most with great outcomes during this time period. Come, let’s figure out who those special 3 zodiac signs are. 

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Formation Of 3 Auspicious Rajyogas

According to the Vedic Astrology,  at the beginning of the Hindu New year, 9th April, Sarvartha yoga and Amrit yoga are being formed. Revati and Ashwini Nakshatras are also there. Sarvartha Siddhi yoga and Amrit Yoga will last from morning 07:32 am till the next day, 10th April, morning 05:06 am. On this day, the zodiac of the moon will stay in Pisces, which will stay till morning 07:32. And, then, the Moon will enter Aries. Apart from this, the king of this year is Mars and minister is Saturn, and due to this, the presence of Saturn in Aquarius will form Shash Rajyoga. 

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3 Auspicious Rajyogas: These 3 Zodiacs Are Going To Get Fortunate Results 


The 3 auspicious rajyogas formation on the Hindu New year will be extremely fortunate for the Taurus natives. During this period, the natives who are unemployed can get a job offer and the ones who are already employed can get a better job opportunity which will help them get successful. The people at your workplace will praise your work. With the support of your seniors and colleagues, you may even get a promotion or an increment. The respect and honor in the society will also increase. Your financial condition will get stable and the investments done by you will also benefit you. And, if you have taken any loan or borrowed money from somewhere, then you will be able to pay it off as well. The natives who are running their business will also get a high level of profits. 

Apart from that, you may even get the chance to visit a religious place. The natives will be able to get success at their workplace and may even start a new  business as well. The wishes of the Taurus natives will also be fulfilled. This time is the best for the students preparing for the competitive exams. There are speculations that you will get amazing results during this period and you may even be able to purchase a property or a vehicle. A religious activity can also take place at home. 

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The Hindu New Year will produce the best kind of results for the Gemini natives. There will be several new opportunities in your career. The students who are preparing for a competitive exam will get success. If you are planning to buy a property or a vehicle then this period is best for that as well. There are also chances of getting wishful profits in the partnership business and the income of the natives may increase as well. There can also be new sources of business and your strategies will also succeed well. The respect and honor will also grow within the society. The natives will also be free from previous debts and this time is also best for investments. The business personnel can get financial gains and their business will expand as well. Now, talking about your love life, you will also succeed in making a good bond well in your relationship. You will be more honest in the relationship with your commitment and dedication. During this time, you will be happier and will keep your life partner happy too. 

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The Hindu New year will prove to be the best for Sagittarius natives. As a result, you will get good outcomes from your hard efforts in your work. You can be in a position to show dominance over your colleagues and superiors. Seeing and noticing your work and passion, your seniors will praise you and you will be rewarded for the same as well. You will get a lot of profit and will make rapid progress.  The natives who are involved in a business will be able to make profits and progress in their business. You will be filled with passion and perform all your tasks with energy.  From a financial perspective, you will gain a lot of money and will also be able to earn more. Alongside, there can be expenses but you will make savings as well. You will be filled with confidence during this time and this confidence will help you earn more money. Talking about your health, you will be fit throughout this period and will be filled with self-confidence. Due to which, your courage will also increase and this will also maintain your health. 

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