2 Major Planetary Movements On 15 May; 4 Zodiacs Will Benefit!

2 Major Planetary Movements: Welcome to this special blog by AstroSage. Here you will find out the intriguing information about the two major planetary movements happening on 15 May, 2023. You might be aware that on 15th May two big planets will change their position i.e. the king of the planets, Sun will transit in Taurus on this day at 11:32 am and few hours prior of Sun transit, i.e. at 8:30 am Mercury will direct in Aries zodiac sign

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Furthermore, this phenomenon is regarded as auspicious and exceptional for each zodiac sign, according to AstroSage specialist astrologers. However, it will have a tremendous impact on some specific zodiac signs, who will gain greatly 2 major planetary movements and enjoy excellent outcomes in nearly every aspect of their lives. Do you want to know? Then have a look at the list of lucky zodiacs below.  

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2 Major Planetary Movements On 15 May: Favorable To These Zodiacs

Check out the list of lucky zodiac signs for whom 15 May will prove to be A Special Day and these 2 Big Planetary Movements will bring success, prosperity and happiness in life:


These 2 Major Planetary Movements on 15 May, 2023 will be especially beneficial to Aries students because they will achieve excellent outcomes as a result of their hard effort. Apart from this, success will come in both your professional and romantic relationships. At the workplace, you will be appreciated for your efforts and skilled knowledge. You will thrive to work hard to achieve your career goals.  This period is also favorable to your mental health. All your tensions will fade away and you will be calm and stay in peace. 

In addition, your family life will be harmonious and tranquil. You will share a healthy bond with your family members and if you are married, your married life or love life will be fantastic. Aries natives, those who are having kids, will see their children growing and advancing in their career. Healthwise too, you will have better health and there will be no serious illnesses during this period. You will be filled with energy and have great enthusiasm.  

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This period will grant you all of your wishes. During these 2 Major Planetary Movements on 15 May, 2023, you will attain everything you think. You will make new acquaintances and meet powerful members of society who will become your strong supporters. Being close to these people will really benefit you in your work. These planetary movements are also favorable for the Cancer natives who are married or have children. They will enjoy a harmonious relationship with their spouse and their children will achieve outstanding outcomes in whichever fields they work in. Cancer natives, if you have been thinking about something for a long time, your desire will be fulfilled within this time frame. 

During this period, your conversational skills will be polished and advanced which will attract a lot of people, and create an environment of joy around you. If you are working in a company, you will receive favors from your superiors because they will work with you, and as a result, you will be able to advance in your career admirably. Your relationship with your life partner will be amicable, and you will be successful in diversifying your family. During this time, your past health issues will go away and your health will improve.  


For Leo natives as well, these 2 Major Planetary Movements on 15 May will prove to be a blessing for them. Leo natives, if you have been in quest for a government job, this will be the time when your dream comes true, and you will be able to secure a position in government services. Apart from this,  Leo people who work in the private sector will also advance in their careers and break records at their workplace making everyone praise you and support you. 

Furthermore, your fame will grow, and your social standing will improve. Your immunity will improve, and you will profit financially as well. Talking about your love life, your love relationships will be passionate at this time, and you will have a peaceful relationship with your loving partner. Also, this is a wonderful period for Leos who are married. You and your partner will share a great chemistry and value each other’s opinions and views. You will all ears to your partner and understand them well. You might also plan for a long journey with your better half.

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The 2 Major Planetary Movements on 15 May will be a lucky time for Pisces natives. Pisces natives working in the companies will receive full support from their coworkers and seniors. Their support and appreciation will help you to reach the heights in your career. During this time, your interest will also rise in creativity. You will actively participate in creative activities, and your practical work skills will grow as well. Apart from this, if a court case goes against you, during this time it will work in your favor and all your legal matters will be resolved. 

Apart from this, you will become more diligent and you will work tirelessly and honestly to finish all of your tasks. Students born in the sign of Pisces will also fare well. As your concentration improves, you will spend more time studying. Businessmen will see enhancement in their revenue and business travels will boost the success of your company. This time period is also special for your love life and married life.  Everything will turn in favor for you and your partner. Whatever you both have decided or wished for will come to you which will increase happiness in your life. You will become more socially active, and your engagement and activism on social media will grow.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the luckiest transit in astrology?

Ans. Venus trine Jupiter is one of the luckiest planetary aspects in astrology.

Q2. Who is most affected by the Mercury Retrograde?

Ans. Virgo and Gemini are most affected by Mercury Retrograde.

Q3. Is May 15th Auspicious?

Ans. Yes, it is quite auspicious since two major planetary movements will occur on 15 May, 2023.

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