2 Eclipses Within 15 Days: 3 Zodiac Signs Will Attain Most Benefits!

In Hinduism, eclipses have very crucial scientific and astrological significance. According to astrology, the natives of all the zodiac signs are either partially or fully affected due to the eclipse. Let us inform you that a total of 4 eclipses will be there in the year 2022. Of all 4, the 2 will be solar eclipses and the other 2 will be lunar ones. 

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Solar & Lunar Eclipses Taking Place Within The Interval Of 15 Days

According to the Hindu calendar, the first solar eclipse of the year will take place on April 30, 2022, from 12:15 am to 04:07 am. After exactly 15 days, the first lunar eclipse will take place. 

According to astrology, both the solar and lunar eclipses will have positive and negative impacts on the natives of all the zodiac signs. That is why today we are going to discuss the expected positive results in the life of the natives of 12 zodiac signs due to these 2 eclipses occurring within the interval of 15 days.

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These Two Big Eclipses Favourable for These 3 Zodiac Signs


The first solar eclipse of 2022 is going to occur in Aries only. Both the eclipses occurring at an interval of 15 days are expected to have a positive impact on Arians. Due to the effect of these eclipses, the natives of Aries are likely to make a lot of profit in business this year. At the same time, job professionals are expected to get promotions at the workplace. This time will be suitable for investing in any new business or land etc. There will be happiness and peace in the family. But despite this, before taking any new or big decision, it will be good for you to consult with the elderly members of the family.


Both the Solar and the Lunar eclipses will have a significant effect on Leo natives. As a result of this, there is a possibility of good change in your economic condition. Your colleagues at the workplace will be happy with your work and you are also expected to get a good promotion with the help of your senior officials. This might create a possibility of an increment in your earnings. But despite this, be careful to take any decision related to any investment. Some natives might also go on a long trip. If you are married, then you will get the full support of your life partner.

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The Sagittarians will see the auspicious and fruitful effect of both these eclipses. New doors job opportunities may open in your life. Money will enter your economic life from various sources. The long stuck tasks will also get completed. Some natives will get an opportunity to visit a hill station or sea areas with their friends or close ones. Alongside, at this time you will successfully get the full support of your friends. Further, the period will be favourable in terms of health too. These natives are also advised to consult with their family members before making any decision.

Note: This is to inform you that the first lunar eclipse of the year 2022 will take place on Monday, May 16 at 8:59 am, which will be a total lunar eclipse and it will end at 10:23 am. Since the visibility of this lunar eclipse will be zero in India, that is why its Sutak period will not be recognized here.

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