On 18 July, Lord Hanuman Turns Back the Fortunes of 3 Zodiacs

The present condition of your horoscope is determined by the movement of planets and nakshatras. As per Vedic Astrology, Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the day is very auspicious for a few zodiacs. The day is also known as Mangalvar and is devoted to devotees worshiping Hanuman Ji for blessings. Following the right rituals in worship will bring positivity to the lives of individuals. The special AstroSage blog highlights the benefits availed by zodiacs on 18 July through worshiping of lord Hanuman. 

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The son of Kesari and Anjana, Hanuman Ji was born on the full moon day and in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. Devotees need to commit to the worship of the lord as per specific rituals to get the best results in their lives. People travel to temples on the day and pay their tribute to the lord to achieve peace, strength, and happiness in life. The fortune of a few zodiacs will take the right turns on the day and will be time to complete different unfinished tasks. 

List of 3 Zodiacs Whose Luck Improves on July 18, 2023


The time of Aries natives will change on the day and there will be new opportunities in your career. The profit levels will rise for the traders and make the progression in life swiftly. It will reduce the stress levels of individuals and there will be peace within the family. The chances of promotions will rise in your office and there will be an increase of repute within the environment. It will be time to spend quality time with the family and there will be a rise of love within the couples. 

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There will be happiness in the life of Gemini natives and the comfort levels within the family will increase. It will be time to spend quality time with your partner and protect love in your relationship. The health of individuals will remain intact and the repute will increase in society. There will be financial gains within the period and the health will remain intact. Make use of time and complete the unfinished activities timely.  


The day or period is auspicious for Sagittarius people and there will be ample opportunity for individuals. There will be monetary benefits from your business and it will be time to make the right deals. The auspicious time will prove fruitful for the students and preparations for the competitive exams will be full-proof. The complications within the family will be handled smartly by individuals and the fight with your life partner will be solved. 

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What are the effects of Hanuman Chalisa as per astrology?

Ans. The recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will result in the improvement of the positive influence of Mars and thus enhance the strength, courage & energy levels of individuals. 

Can Hanuman worship solve life troubles?

Ans. The grace of Hanuman Ji will result in changing a person’s fate and the right rituals need to be followed for worship of the lord. 

Will Hanuman worship help solve marriage troubles?

Ans. Following the right rituals on Tuesday will result in top solutions for your marriage. 

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