15 August : Opulent India’s 74th Independence Day

On 15 August 2020, opulent India will celebrate it’s 74th Independence Day with great joy and forever. So, on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, keep reading this blog to find out how this year will turn out for our country. We have given some conclusions after taking a look at independent India’s birth chart or Kundli. If you have any other questions regarding anything, then click here and find astrological solutions to all of your problems.

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Our country India was once known as the golden bird and is currently celebrating its 74th anniversary of Independence on the 15th of August. The journey from 15 August 1947 till 15 August 2020 has been quite a long one. We have lost many things and earned certain things in between this journey. What India used to be during the time of independence is no longer visible today. It’s the age of digitalisation now. On one hand there is ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ while on the other there is ‘Made in India’. 

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Also, the steps which the people of India have undertaken and embraced solidarity in the time of Coronavirus to combat this major disease is truly commendable. A new education policy has also been introduced in our country and medical science and technical skills and the country’s economy, defense and trade and agriculture sectors have gone through some radical changes in recent times.

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Despite all of these, there are many challenges which stand with us. There are issues which need more attention like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, economic inequality and population growth in the country, and many other problems which are weakening the country’s overall development. We have to overcome all of these too and make things more favourable for our country. 

Independent India’s Kundli and a Sneak Peek into the Future 

We all know the history of India dates back to a very long time according to which the influential zodiac sign of India is Capricorn. However, according to the available sources, India gained independence on 15 August 1947, during the midnight, which is why the Kundli of independent India was constructed according to the timings of the midnight. This timing also became the very basis of calculating various other incidents taking place all over the country and its future.

Independent India’s Birth Chart 

  • After analysing the Kundli of independent India, it can be seen that Rahu here is present in the Sthir Lagna. 
  • Mars is present in Cancer in the second house of Gemini .
  • In the third house, Venus is present in Cancer in a combust manner, along with Mercury, Sun, Moon and Saturn (in the same combust manner)
  • Jupiter is present in the sixth house of Libra and Ketu is present in the seventh house of Scorpio.
  • If we take a look at our Navmansh Kundli , then it is of Pisces ascendant and the Sun is present in the lagna.
  • Pisces happens to be the birth sign’s eleventh house’s zodiac sign which suggests nothing but India’s prosperity and progress in each and every field.
  • Once India gained independence, the Maha Dasha or the major periods of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus and Sun got  over and currently the Mahadasha of the Moon is going on.
  • Under the Mahadasha of the Moon, the Antar dasha of Saturn will remain operational until July 2021.
  • If we talk about the Kundli of independent India, then the Moon is the ruling Lord of its third house and is currently presented in the Pushya Nakshatra.
  • The ruling Lord of Pushya Nakshatra who is also a Yog karaka planet for this Kundli after being the ruling Lord of eighth, ninth and tenth houses. It is currently positioned in the third house of the Kundli.
  • Saturn is in Ashlesha Nakshatra who is the ruling Lord of Mercury and it is the governor of the second and fifth houses of the Kundli. The planet is in conjunction with the Moon, Sun and Venus and it’s taking a nest in the third house of the Kundali.
  • If we take a look at the current planetary transits, then Jupiter in a retrograde motion is in the eighth house of the Kundli, Saturn too is in a retrograde motion in the ninth house and Rahu’s transit in the second house of the Kundli is above that of Mars. 
  • The third house of Kundli mainly provides information about the means of communication, traffic, market share, neighboring nations of the country and their relation to them, etc.
  • The ninth house of the Kundli says about the country’s economic progress, intellectualism and business progress, as well as provides information about the religious activities and judiciary system of the country.
  • If we talk about the tenth house of the Kundli, then it is taken into account to know about the current ruling party, the highest institutions of the country, the President and the Prime Minister of the country, etc.

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Varshphal Chart (Solar Return Chart)

The year entry date is 14 August 2020, the year entry time is 17:09:11 pm.

  • Muntha in the yearly chart is present in the seventh house of Gemini and in the second house of the Kundli. 
  • The ruling Lord of Muntha is Mercury, the birth Lagna is Venus and Varsha Lagna Swami is Jupiter. 
  • Now, if we take a look at the astrological situations mentioned above, then it can be said that this Year, India will benefit much from foreign business connections and there will also be some tensions surfacing in India’s relation with its neighbouring countries. 
  • Now since the planet Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet, its Antardasha in Saturn’s Mahadasha may bring some tensions in India’s relations with its neighbouring countries. But despite everything, India will stand like a rock and not bow down infront of anyone. 
  • Because being a Muntha in the seventh house, feelings of mutual opposition and hatred internally in the country can increase and people may get involved in wrongdoings.
  • There may also be an escalated and increased feeling of opposition and hatred among the constituents of the government and some of the ambitious projects of the country may suffer delays.
  • The transit of retrograde Jupiter in the eighth house of the Kundli cannot be hailed as prosperous. Due to this, the signs of a cutting the clatter of the ongoing pandemic will arrive late, most probably during mid September, when Jupiter becomes direct, it will gradually decrease and in the month of November when the transit of Jupiter will be in Capricorn once again, the virus will be completely eradicated. Till then, preventive measures should not be forgotten and followed religiously by each and every one of us. 

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Amidst the Stress, India’s Relations with Neighbours!

During this period, India’s relations with it’s neighborhood countries will remain highly under stress. On one hand, China will not let go of its debaucheries and also try to establish monopoly over other countries and instigate them to go against India. India will have had enough by October and retaliate back with some great moves. Afterwards, India’s image will improve considerably during the month of October and November. This is the time when unconditional and full-fledged support of certain countries will be acquired which will refurbish the sovereign and leadership qualities of the country. India will fight back against anything and the Antardasha of Saturn will bring enhancement to our country’s position on the global level. 

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Alliances and Clashes in Indian Politics

Many new projects will be introduced this year which will bring some revolutionary changes to the country. Specifically speaking, the transportation system, communication, public transport and infrastructure will go through some new changes. However, the political game may turn out to be dirty and our esteemed leaders may be seen speaking ill about one another. In between the months of October and November, a very influential politician can fall prey to a grave disease and may also succumb to it. Some of the constituent groups of the ruling party may get involved in mutual conflict and some parties of the opposition may even get dissolved. In this context, the year 2021 is expected to bring in some good news. 

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India: People and Problems 

A new education policy has recently been introduced in the country. Some more new policies can be enacted further to implement it and in the coming time, some new schemes may be announced to influence the public, some of which are in the main schemes of education and medicine besides defense and agriculture. More and more work will be done for the public. Population and citizenship issues may once again be the cause of concern. There will be an increase in people spreading religious disharmony in the country and some new rules will be enacted which can try to curb the arbitrary attitude of government officials. India will be able to do something bigger in the field of space, which will take India’s position to a whole new place in the world.

It will take some time for the country’s economy to gain momentum and 2020 will remain in the growth phase. However, 2021 will bring new hope and sunshine for the country and make India great again. 

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Thus, it can be said that our country will make progress, but it will be somewhat slow in manner. As Indians, on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the independence of the country, promise ourselves that we will make our country a good nation, become a good citizen, maintain cleanliness and honesty in the country and try to prevent the damage to natural assets. overall, we will make this country a better place to live. We will cooperate with the pollution reduction movement in the country too, for the betterment of our future generations and will actively participate in plantation programs, which will strengthen our country’s position even more.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat !!

AstroSage wishes all its readers a very happy Independence Day!!


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