13 Nov is Special: 2 Big Planetary Transits In 2 Zodiac Signs In One Day; 6 Signs Will Benefit!

Planetary transits are considered very important in astrology as each transit brings some or the other change for all zodiac signs. In this regard, on 13 November 2022, 2 big planets are transiting in 2 different zodiac signs and it is natural that it will impact the lives of all living beings. But which are these planets and at what time are they transiting? Also, which are the 6 zodiac signs that will benefit due to these transits? Let’s find out in this blog below!

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2 Big Planetary Transits On The Same Day

Retrograde Mars Transit In Taurus

Mars, the red planet, turned retrograde in Gemini on 30 October. Now on 13 November, it is entering the zodiac sign of Taurus in the retrograde motion. Retro Mars Transit In Taurus will take place at 01:32 PM. Mars will remain in Taurus till 13 January 2023. 

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio

Mercury, the benefactor of communication, speech, wit, reflexes, etc. is entering the zodiac sign of Scorpio on the same day as retro Mars transit, i.e. on 13 November 2022. Mercury transit will take place almost 8 hours after the Retro Mars transit. The timing of this transit will be at 09:06 PM.

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Now, let’s find out which 6 signs will benefit the most due to these 2 big planetary transits.

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These 6 Signs Will Become Rich Due To These Transits!

Taurus: Due to the transit of Retro Mars and Mercury, the Taurus natives could attain immense wealth. The Taurus natives associated with business might earn good profit during this period. Also, you will enjoy fantastic health at this time. The Taurus working professionals will get new career opportunities as well. 

Cancer: The Cancer natives will benefit greatly due to this big planetary movement of Mars and Mercury. The hard work that you have been putting in for the last few days will finally yield beneficial outcomes during this period. Also, you might be able to fulfill your wishes. 

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Scorpio: Mercury and Retro Mars transit will bring a period of immense joy for the Scorpio natives. You will see a growth in your business and the Scorpio working professionals will get new career opportunities. You will also find new sources of income, which will enhance your financial status. If you have been working in a partnership or were planning to do so, you can go ahead with it during this period as it will yield good results.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives will financially benefit due to the Retro Mars and Mercury Transit. You will see things getting better in your career and business. The family environment will be peaceful and harmonious during this time. Also, your life will be filled with happiness and prosperity. You will enjoy good health.

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Capricorn: These two transits will prove to be very good for the Capricorn natives. The students under this zodiac sign will perform well in the competitive exams and attain good results. The natives who are associated with research work will experience a favorable time.

Aquarius: The Mercury and Retro Mars transits are bringing good news for the Aquarius natives. Due to these transits, you will get success in your work and attain favorable outcomes at the workplace. Also, your family life will be peaceful and filled with happiness.

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