Success Mantras for Survival in Times of Corona!

As we all know that due to the Corona pandemic, we have spent our precious six months of this year in an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear and our world has changed immensely in the last few months. To ensure yourself and gain some detailed insights about the upcoming time, you can consult our expert astrologers and Ask a Question. 

Now the question arises, how can we make the most of this upcoming time and avail profits? Most of us are battling with several insecurities and questions now. This is where AstroSage Brihat Kundli comes in to provide you with a concrete answer. 

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However, after spending several months of the year in such conditions, we can assume our normal activities to resume again as the government has started its first unlocking phase from June 8. So, it is time to reflect upon what we have gained during the previous months, and try to move ahead with our heads up and positivity. With this, we will all be eager to know how we will move forward in the next few months, so that we can use the time ahead properly and take advantage of the opportunities. Also, if you wish to know anything about your professional life, then CogniAstro Report for Professionals will be of great help to you. 

So, here we will tell you according to your birth sign how you should use the upcoming time to your advantage and will also share some tips, which will help you achieve success.

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As dominated by Mars, you are gifted when it comes to initiating and starting projects from scratch, be it new or old ones. So, starting from June, use your power, energy and optimism to start things again, irrespective of the market scenarios. 

Success Tip : Be brave and do not shy away from taking risks, which will help you to move ahead during the upcoming times. 


You are a sign that is resonated with stability and endurance, as being the first earth sign. As the lord Venus is also positioned in its own first house, which indicates that you believe in your decision making and have faith in your potential. This will help you start over again successfully after the tumultuous period of lockdown. As Taurus is the natural sign of resources, sustaining and maintaining them is very essential during this time. 

Success Tip – Self belief is very important for Taurus natives, which will help them to attract positive situations towards them. 

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As Gemini is considered as the natural or we can say first sign of partnerships or “Kutumb” in Vedic astrology, so, working in partnership with someone can prove beneficial for you. Also, as this sign of Mercury is associated with communications, so keeping contact with the people and social circle is important and will help you gain new opportunities. 

Success Tip – Try to exchange your ideas as much as possible, this will help you to gain new opportunities and success. 


Cancer natives are intelligent by nature as they are governed by the Moon, which will be under two major eclipses within 30 days, which can make Cancer signed individuals insecure and overwhelmed with emotions. They may get anxious over small matters, which can make them take hasty decisions. So, trust your intuition and insights which are your powerful tools and be rational while taking decisions, do not let fear and emotions rule you. This will help you in getting better results in the upcoming months.

Success Tip – Trusting your inherent qualities, intuition and insights will help you achieve a great amount of Success. Also, try and spend more time with children, this will help you with creativity. 

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Leo are born leaders and with the Sun moving through their tenth house indicates that tough times are over and you are heading towards a positive direction. So, believe in your potential and take decisions, planetary positions are aligned in your favor. However, sometimes you may have the tendency to control and dominate, which can disrupt your equation with others. So, instead of dominating, try to lead from the front and set an example in front of others, which will help you tremendously in achieving results during the coming months. 

Success Tip–  You are born to lead, not control, so be a leader and set an example in front of others, how things should be done in a better way. 


As Virgo is said to be the sign that has a gifted sense of business and with Mercury transiting through your tenth house, keep faith in your business prowess, your analytical and observation skills, as they will help you sail the rest of the months smoothly and successfully. This also indicates that you will get many new opportunities in terms of business and trade during the next few months. 

Success Tip- Trust your business abilities, be firm in decision making as you are likely to be presented with new trade opportunities. 

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Librans are governed by Venus, which is moving through your eighth house, which indicates that keeping a check on health is of paramount importance in the upcoming months. This also indicates that you should start with things in which you are comfortable, as this is not the right time duration to try new or extra things. Also, as Librans are creative in nature, so, bringing creativity in your business affairs will help you achieve great results. 

Success Tip – Work on your health and spend some time alone doing things and hobbies that you like as this will help bring confidence and creativity. 


Scorpio sign is ruled by Mars, which is positioned in your fourth house, which indicates that your endurance power will be high during this time. It also indicates that you have a great capacity to overcome obstacles and tough situations with your sheer willpower and strength, which will help you in the upcoming times. However, you have to keep only one thing in mind, do not indulge in conflicts or arguments as it will lead to wastage of your precious energy and time. 

Success Tip– Stay away from any conflicts or useless arguments, instead divert your energy in some form of physical exercise, yoga etc.  

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For Sagittarius, your ascendant Lord Jupiter is in debilitated condition in conjunction with the twelfth house lord Saturn, which indicates that you have to be very careful with finances and your resources in the upcoming times. You have to take decisions according to the resources at your disposal, otherwise, you may incur losses. 

Success Tip – First rule of business is prevention of losses, make sure you follow that. 


Capricorn natives are ruled by Saturn, which is in retrograde motion in the ascendant itself, which indicates that they have to drop immediate expectations of the results during the upcoming times. This also indicates that this is the time to follow the same planning and strategy that you were using before, results will be there for you sooner or later.

Success Tip – Be patient and drop expectation of quick results. 


Aquarians are also governed by Saturn, which is transiting through their twelfth house of foreign connections, which indicates that during these times, you may get a lot of benefits through foreign connections, so try and divert your energy towards this area. Also, this indicates that if you drop your traditionalist approach and start to follow trends, then you can learn a lot through international markets and trends, which will help you in upcoming times.  The AstroSage RajYoga Report will help you to find out which Yoga is a part of your Kundli and brief you about your success Mantra. 

Success Tip– Drop your traditionalist approach, be willing to learn from new sources, trends, especially international or foreign. 

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Opportunities will be knocking on the door steps of Pisces natives as their ascendant lord is positioned in the eleventh house of success and profits. But sometimes, because of ignorance or your careless attitude, you tend to miss them. So, this is a right time to get structured, organised in your routines which will help you to grab hold of the opportunities in a better way. 

Success Tip– Be more organised and proactive in your attitude, as many opportunities are waiting for you.

We hope that you will appreciate this blog of ours. Stay safe and stay healthy!!


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