IPL Match 57- Team Mumbai vs Team delhi (05 Nov) Today’s Match Prediction

The 57th Match of IPL Season 13 will be a Qualifier match. Team Mumbai and Team Delhi will lock horns in this much anticipated match. Team Mumbai has always managed to remain in the good books of it’s fans. Team Delhi on the other hand has shown some exemplary performance this year. So, which team will take the trophy home in today’s match? Let us get to the predictions concerning this 57th Match of IPL. 

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AstroSage understands your enthusiasm for cricket and provides you with exciting predictions. The prediction below is provided for academic, research, and astrological purposes by Acharya Raman, one of the finest astrologers on the panel. Let us read what he has to predict:

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The match is between Team Mumbai and Team Delhi. I have taken number 128 for Team Delhi. Let’s see what comes out. Below is the horoscope:

Prediction: The winner will be Team Mumbai as per the horoscope. 

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