Palmistry: Know What The Lines on Palm Reveal About You

Palmistry is a kind of knowledge through which the nature of a person, fate and three-time periods (Past, present and Future) can be identified. Greek philosopher Aristotle shared his views on palmistry that there is a reason of any line on your palm which reflects the future possibilities of life’s events. According to the scriptures, astrology has been considered as the component of Vishnu Shastra. In palmistry, along with the lines on hand, size of the hand, texture, color, skin and nails are also studied. However, the method of analyzing a palm is provided in astrology.

Importance of Palmistry in Astrology

Humans have always been curious about their future. Many questions arise in their minds about their coming tomorrow. They try to know about their career, business, education, health, family, marriage, love etc. In this way the science of palmistry helps them solve problems by learning about future challenges. Many a times it happens that a man does not realize his true potential, due to which he lead his energy in the wrong direction. But realizing the true power can help him direct his potential in the right direction and achieves success. He can recognize his powers through palmistry.

Planetary Positions on Palm

Positions of planets remain fixed on the palm. These planetary regions are called mounts. The region of planets on the palm are either raised or flat. The emergence of planetary zones reflects the strong positions of planets.

At the same time, if the planet’s region is flat, the condition of the birth planet is considered to be impoverished. According to palmistry, people, who have emerging mountains on their palm, can climb the ladders of success in their life. On the other hand, if it is flat in nature, they need to struggle hard for success.

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How to See Lines on Hands?

You can predict the future of the person if you know the art of palmistry. For this, first of all, it is necessary to gain knowledge about both hands and their ridges. According to palmistry, both our right and left hands have different significance. It is believed that the left hand of any person reveals his ability while the right hand shows his personality.

At the same time, lines on right hand gives an idea about the future of a man, while the lines on left hand tells about his past. Apart from this, lines employed on our palm also have different meanings and known by different names in palmistry which are as follows:

  • Life Line:


This line starts near the thumb and the edge of the palm. The lifeline reflects each person’s personality, power, physical health and general state. Apart from this, this line also indicates major changes in our lives and tragic events. If life line is carved beautiful, thin and deep on palms, it keeps up the enthusiasm in life. When the life line moves forward after leaving enough space for Venus, then this is auspicious for health.

  • Head Line:


This line leads from the bottom of the index finger to the edge of the palm. According to palmistry, head line represents the brain of each person and its correspondence style, the art of learning and intellectualism. When both the head and lifeline incline to make a long single line, then the person lives under the influence of his family for a longer period of time. If the emergence of life line and head line are different, then this situation shows the shortage of a family member. Such people may also be stubborn.

  • Health Line:

health line

This line starts from the wrist towards the bottom of the palm and goes towards the small finger. This line reflects health related issues that humans may have to face in the future. If this line is fragmented on the palm, then the people have to face health problems. When the health line is straight and clear and reaches the Mercury area, then resistance towards illness of such people is strong

  • Heart Line:


This line is located at the bottom of the fingers. According to great palmists, this line reflects heart-related matters and emotional thoughts. This line represents the emotional side that arises in our brain. If there seems some cuts and webs formed on this line, it shows that the person will be very restless and sensitive.

  • Fate Line:


This line goes from the wrist to the middle finger at the bottom of the palm. Fate line represents human career, life’s success and challenges. When the beginning of the fate line is from the place of the moon, then the native works throughout his life. When fate line emerges from the lifeline, then fate of such people gets delayed.

  • Sun Line:


This line is located under the ring finger. Many experts of palmistry say that the sun line reflects issues in life or matters related to the disputed episode. When the line moves down from the Sun region, then this condition makes the person extraordinary. Such people can be very qualified

In addition to above mentioned lines, there are also marriage, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, travel, obstacle and seeker lines in our palm.




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