Dowsing: The Key To Unlock Your Potential

Human beings are god’s most beautiful creation. They have been gifted with innumerous powers and energies. Nobody has ever scaled the depth of human mind. We, as humans, have not even utilized our limitless powers.

Today, we are so encircled by our own conflicts that we forget to utilize our powers. The root cause of our sufferings is the obstacles that we face in our day-to-day life. These obstacles keep us away from achieving our happiness. If these obstacles are gone, then we will be happy again. Health, prosperity, and relationship – these are three pedestals of happiness.

An unhealthy person can never be happy, both physical and mental suffering are painful. Economic problems also descend a pall of grief in the life of a person. Estranged and unhealthy relationships make us feel sad. A person living in the dark abyss can never achieve complete happiness.So, if we work in all three areas, we will be happy forever.

One of the modern concept of Vastu Shastra, ‘Dowsing’ is not less than a boon. Dowsing is an scientific art through which we can find the root cause of our problems. With the help of this Celtic art, we can find the simple, appropriate and possible solutions to solve our problems. This practice has been traditionally used for divination.

Today, we are harvesting the deeds of our previous birth – whether they are good deeds or bad deeds. If you examine the root cause of your problems, you can erase the mark of your previous birth. Hence, our doubts germinate the reason for our unsatisfied ‘self’.

The literal meaning of ‘dowsing’ is to dive after going deep. In the practice of Dowsing, a ‘pendulum’ is used. A weighted object that hangs from a long thread or a chain is called pendulum. Pendulum docking technique is being traced in the land with the search of treasure, water well, landmine, gemstone and other mineral substances for centuries.

In France, the pendulum was used with charts too. This technique is being used by the doctors, in search of the cause of the diseases. This mode is popular in the name of ‘radiesthesia’. This technique is used in the search of child’s birth, date of birth, allergy and other diseases etc.

When human life appeared in danger, the help of pendulum dowsing was taken. With the help of this technique in the Vietnam War and World War II, the danger of the tunnel and the possibility of the live bombs were removed.

After independence, the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru used this technique in search of wells and water in Rajasthan. Driving with the help of charts, an attempt is made to find solutions to human problems and make their life happy.

Just like our problems have three criteria, the same way, there are three ways to find the solution – Vastu, astrology and environmental balance. It is possible to solve any problem by using these three methods. So, with the help of Dowsing, you can get rid of all the problems.

The solutions described in modern architecture are different from other practices. They provide effective solutions to the person. Natural remedies do not get back to the problems timely and again. Once the solution is systematically done, our life is filled with happiness.

Before going further, it is very important to know how the pendulum works. As the radio receives invisible rays, the same way the pendulum conveys the answer through the chart by acquiring the invisible particle and energy of the unconscious mind, place, thought and object of the person. So, what are we waiting for? let’s answer our questions.

Some experts say that the pendulum connects us with cosmic energy, by adding analytical and linear power in our reasoning intelligence, gives us the correct answer to our questions.

We can understand this in another way as if the antenna of television converts invisible rays to images, exactly the same way the pendulum gives us the correct answer from the rays of our subconscious mind and indicates the answer in the pendulum chart.

In this way, we can live a happy and prosperous life by knowing the correct answer to the questions. Our happiness starts from where our questions end. The solution to our doubts is the basis of a happy life.

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Mrs. Dipti Jain is a renowned Vastu expert, popular for plant vastu, pyramid vastu, fengshui, aroma therapy, face reading, color therapy, palmistry and vastu visits. Rewarded with some popular awards, she is a popular name in electronic media and spiritual writing.


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