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With Coronavirus Outbreak dominating the globe and impacting almost every aspect of life, even students studying in the 10th and 12th grade and eagerly awaiting their results are not left untouched. However, in the meantime, many states in India have finally decided not to make both the students and their parents wait much longer and announce the board exam results. With this latest announcement, heartbeats of students and their parents have now tripled!

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Students Eagerly Waiting For Board Exam Results

The Jharkhand Academic Council has declared the JAC 10th Class Board Result on 8 July 2020. On the other hand, CBSE has also decided not to undertake the remaining board exams according to the order ruled by the Supreme Court in view of the ongoing Corona epidemic. Due to this, it is now expected that by 15 July 2020, the CBSE Result 2020 of the candidates will be declared. In such a situation, the parents of every student are very keen to know whether or not the results of the examination will be in the interest of their child. AstroSage understands this dilemma and hence has brought to you CogniAstro Report.

AstroSage, the world’s number one astrological website, has prepared the highly-advanced CogniAstro Report with the help of its most learned and expert astrologers. A unique initiative in the field of career development and counselling, this report consists of popular and different theories of psychology, as well as astrology, infused together and highlights best career options based on the birth details of a professional, student in the 10th grade and 12th grade as well. 

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A Fruitful Career Ensures Successful & Bright Future

In today’s fast world, everyone wants to study well, work hard, move ahead, and create a milestone in their career. But there are times when even extreme hard work fails to deliver desired results. The reason behind this can be the impact of different planets on our kundli or birth chart. That is why choosing the right career carefully according to our horoscope seems significant.

Best Career Options As Per Zodiac Signs

Often a native has to face a dilemma when choosing the right career. Several questions arise in his/her mind regarding the right career path, beneficial business opportunity etc. Therefore, our esteemed Astrologer Dr Sunil Barmola is here to reveal best career options as per zodiac signs that ensure success and prosperity:


Natives of Aries zodiac sign are always full of zeal and enthusiasm. Such qualities help them build a leading presence in their career. They know very well how to get their team together on the same page and deliver the best results. This is why working in the military, government sector, politics, management and advertising will be more beneficial for them.


One of the skills of Taureans is that they can easily grab people’s attention and steal their admiration with their hands. Yes! This means that such natives can become a good cook, massage therapist, florist, painter, sculptor, calligrapher etc. A career in such fields rolls out great results for Taurus natives.

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The sign depicting Gemini zodiac itself reveals its “stand-out” trait. According to the pictorial representation, Gemini is a combination of two people, that is why Gemini natives possess the hidden strength of two people. They like to stay busy most all the time and can feel bored in case they have nothing on their hands. For such people, it would be best to work in the field of travelling, entertainment etc. Apart from this, jobs in the field of technology, teaching and architecture will also prove to be a good career option for them.


For Cancerians, favourable career options will be nurses, sweepers, gardeners, politicians and journalists. When it comes to working, security and money are two very important factors for the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign. They are capable of earning a good amount but also spending within the blink of an eye. In reality, they are far more willing to invest their money and watch it grow by the day. Cancerians are very resourceful, and skilled in managing their time and money.

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The East direction is considered favourable for Leo natives, who are socially extrovert in nature. Also, they avoid carrying out such tasks where they have to work alone. Considering their exceptional communication skills and desire to be in the limelight, acting, direction, dance, event planning, media, public relations etc. can prove to be good career options for them. They can even shine well in the fields of design, animation, painting, modelling, etc. Their presence itself is considered a royalty, which is why they have the potential to carve a good career in the medical line.


Virgo natives are known for their analytical mind and have the ability to reach the heights of their careers. They choose such businesses that offer more growth opportunities. Therefore, career options such as mathematics, physics, finance, engineering, research, medicine, architecture, investment and stock market can prove to be favourable for them. In addition, these natives are useful and more attentive, making them capable of becoming good data analysts, contractors, accountants, lawyers, or teachers.

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The natives of Libra zodiac sign possess leadership and organizational skills and play such roles well. Such natives are always calm, sophisticated, warm, patient, balanced and harmonious. Librans are well-equipped with natural, artistic and aesthetic expertise. Hence, they should work in a field which ensures social communication and connectivity and advising, guiding and joining associations. This is why these people usually make up for a successful diplomat, judge, public relations consultant, consultant, psychologist and artist.


The natives of Scorpio zodiac sign are always entitled to a praiseworthy comment for their disciplinary nature and managerial skills. They have a natural inclination towards spying and interrogative activities. Therefore, they can make a good career in the fields of medical research, psychology, journalism, especially in the field of investigative journalism, mining, oil drilling and archaeology. With this, the natives of Scorpio zodiac sign can also choose to build their career in extraordinary fields such as doctors, environmental experts, engineers, sailors, market analysts, pathologists, soldiers etc.

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Sagittarius natives are extremely moderate and spiritual in nature. Most of the people under the Sagittarius sign attain success in government services and making a career as a judge, lawyer, teacher, educationist, astrologer, writer, speaker, politician, religious teacher, preacher etc


Capricorns become so diligent in building a good career that they do not back down from risking their relationships and personal lives. The natives of Capricorn zodiac sign know how to use their time and money well. Therefore, finance, management, banking, writing, law and administration are the best career options for them due to their analytical and inquisitive mind and management skills. They can also make a bright career in the field of science and medicine. Even in creative fields like media, advertising, art etc. they adapt mentally quite well.


Aquarius natives remain highly enthusiastic when working and possess the quality of using their imaginative skills for business purposes. Therefore, making a career in acting, writing, teaching, photography, or as an aircraft operator is suitable for the natives of this sign. The best working environment for them is where they are allowed to express their ideas and resolve the doubts freely without any strict guidelines. If given an opportunity to express their talent, they can achieve remarkable success.

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Pisces natives deliver whatever work is assigned to them with great compassion and perfection so that they can be proud of themselves and get a chance to showcase their versatility. Such natives constantly try to make this world a better place, and this is why they majorly feel inclined and combative towards charitable works and philanthropic activities. They perform well in the field of entertainment as an actor, dancer, comedian, or musician, and are highly praised.

Along with this, they attain favourable items in the field of writing, business related to water, liquids, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, oil, and ocean etc. In addition, they possess the ability to understand the public will comparatively better than others. Therefore, working in the field of fashion, advertising, film production, and other activities help them earn good success.

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We hope that with this article, you will be able to choose the right path and build a powerful career for yourself.

CogniAstro: Your Perfect Career Guide!

For Professionals

For Professionals

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For Students 10th

For Students 10th


Similarly, CogniAstro Report For 10th Grade Students gives a quick insight regarding the more suitable stream for your higher studies.


For Students 12th

For Students 12th

CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students sheds light on adequate courses, best colleges, and career options.

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