Prashant Nigam

Prashant NigamPrashant Nigam would love to call himself as a magician of words rather than a content writer because he likes to put life into every word. A passionate writer since childhood, he was a studious boy who was very good in every subject, but his first love was Writing. He always waits for the English and Hindi period to begin and when he was assigned any topic to write upon, his symphony with words started. His teachers always admired the essays, debates, speeches he wrote and even the answers in his words that he wrote in the notebook.

He chose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication rather than going for Science and Commerce Streams. 

He started his career into HR and Administration fields but in those areas his writing skills helped him a lot. After working as a HR professional for two years, he finally decided to leave the job and started freelancing as a content writer and after working as a freelance for almost 2 years and being associated with multiple clients throughout Asia-Pacific, he came to work in AstroSage as his passion for writing and knowledge about astrology was being acknowledged here.  He has a never ending passion for writing and a zeal to develop new skills. He is also a SEO wizard and avidly follows fellow writers on different Social Media Platforms like LinkedIN to keep himself updated and continue learning and aspiring.