Drishti Mathur

Drishti MathurDrishti is a writer on paper and an artist at heart. She has written poems, songs, essays, blogs, articles, etc., and been working professionally for over two years. She has tried her hands in fields like Social Media Management, Educational, E-commerce, Relationship, and Entertainment Writing. Finally, her love for writing and interest in Astrology has brought her here. She constantly strives to improve and work harder in any field she writes for. 

Writing for Drishti is therapeutic, a way to communicate without having to speak much. She has completed her Bachelor’s in English Literature and has been fascinated by the power humans have over different ways of communication for years. Her love for researching in depth about a topic of her interest has landed her in a field of SEO Writing. Apart from writing, Drishti finds art forms like music and painting interesting as well. Her creative and curious mind does not let her rest until she has finished a task.