AstroGuru Mragaank (Dr. Mragaank)

mragaankAbout Astrologer: Coming from a family of believers, he holds himself responsible for demystifying and unearthing the deep secrets that Vedic Astrology holds in itself. With a firm belief in ‘doing good, and doing right’, he accords himself for helping hundreds of people from different walks of life. Vedic Astrology not only gave him a direction in life, but made him understand how the universe and its entities are controlled and governed by stars and nakshatras and the planets.


An experience holder of good 10+ years, of happy people with blissful lives.  


Proficient in Vedic Astrology, the art meticulously derived by our learned jyotishi and sages.


Having a palmist mother groomed me to be inclined towards occult studies and astrology. My interest piqued in Astrology when I was a little kid. Reading was my only way to know this science and I took it way too seriously. Since then, Vedic Astrology has been my safe haven. Wherein, I reach my own place to help people solve the issues in their life. This interest of mine soon became a passion and I enrolled myself in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, to get an in-depth knowledge of this. Several astrologers and learned people became my friends and in their guidance this passion soon became my solace. 


Having prowess in Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and palmistry, I believe in guiding people towards the path of enlightenment and peace. I simply don’t predict, I research and check and then decide upon what would be better for this person. My faith lies in the nakshatras and the planets and what importance they bear in our lives!


Astrology came on a silver platter in my life. Once my hobby and passion, it has now become one of my greatest strengths. My interest lies with astrology and this knack of predicting the fate made me realise my own future. I’m a firm believer that an astrologer must guide the people and uplift them. Being a counselor, I’ve met different people from different backgrounds and helped them reach a better place in life. I conceive that the sole purpose of human life is to attain spiritual upliftment, and that’s what I aim and strive for!


Acting, anchoring, public speaking, and travelling. Anything that piques my creativity is my go-to hobby. 


Jyotish Bhushan & Jyotish Diwakar are the laurels that I’ve achieved, but what holds dear to my heart are the thousands of people whom I’ve served with successful predictions and remedies.  


Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Motivational Speaking, and Counselling


Phd in Astrology,, LL.B. PGDHRM, Jyotish Alankar, Jyotish Acharya & Palmistry (Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi)

Jai Maa Parambaa !!