Acharya Raman

Acharya RamanI started my journey in astrology from 2002 onwards almost. After my MBA from M.P. and Sound Recording Diploma from Mumbai University, I was interested in astrology since my childhood but never tried it as I was always afraid of maths and astrology is all about math and logic. So I started from Vedic Astrology and then in around 2008 I got a book by Late Shri Suresh Sahasne ji on KP Astrology, which my friend Mr. Devesh Upadhyaya gave me. It was so interesting that all my time used to be spent in reading about KP. Then I bought the 5 KP readers. All my KP understanding comes from the Sahasne ji`s book which made it so simple that I was able to understand the 5 readers easily.

I am with AstroSage since 2013 and it’s been almost 7 years of an exciting journey in the practice of real astrology. Though almost now 17 years in Vedic Astrology and Numerology and a bit less in KP. KP is my prime focus now.

I feel astrology has been literally murdered by many Television Astrologers and it has lost its real purpose which is to find the accurate answers of the difficult questions of life which people face in their lives from time to time.

Practising KP Astrology gives me an innate satisfaction, which I cannot describe in words. I keep reading still and collecting all kinds of horoscopes of many kinds of people with many kinds of problems and careers. Thanks to AstroSage, Shree Suresh Shane ji and KSK.