Acharyaa Kriti

Acharyaa KritiAcharyaa Kriti was born in Mumbai and is currently residing in Delhi NCR. In her good 12+ year-long span of an astrological career, she has acquired multiple certificates in Vedic astrology and used her knowledge to educate people about the same through her detailed articles, blogs and other featured write-ups.

Astrology has always been an integral part of her life as she has always found it a great tool for guiding someone to give the right direction to one’s life. Rather than predicting things, she uses it to unleash the true strength of someone’s chart. She likes to assist a person to let go of his/her fear, to get in peace with their life and help them find themselves. She not only gives a forecast but helps people to get the right attitude and mind-set for long lasting results. 

By analysing the planets, their positions, aspection, and power and penning it down in her featured blogs, she offers guidance and inputs for decisions with regards to love and relationship, career, finance, education, profession, health.