Acharya Kamal Sharma

Acharya Kamal SharmaAcharya Kamal Sharma has been practising astrology for quite a long period of time. During the early days of his life, the guidance of Gurus at Ashram inspired him to walk over the path of Jyotish. So far, he has reached out to a wider audience on account of vivid informational blogs and articles that he has written. He has full faith in the Almighty and offers remedial solutions with the help of Lal Kitab.

His fondness stands in reading books on Astrology and writing various pieces on the same. He is well-known for his suggestions and consultations in Vedic Astrology, Vastu Shatra, and Muhurat Calculations. Apart from this, he is good at conducting religious activities pertaining to Puja and Karmakand as well. His motto is to design and shape several aspects of one’s life favourably so that a person can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned with AstroSage to read various blogs written by Acharya Kamal. If you wish to connect with Acharya JI, then log into AstroSage Varta now!