Yukta Yoga: Sun-Mars Conjunction In Scorpio Fuels 3 Zodiacs!

Yukta Yoga: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. November is going to be one interesting month for Astrology enthusiasts. It is full of pous yogas being formed throughout the month.

Out of these pious yogas, the one that we will discuss in detail in this blog is the Yukta Yoga. It will come into existence on the 17th of November at 1:07 AM when the Sun will transit into the sign of Scorpio and join Mars which is already present there. Now, let us know in detail about the Yukta Yoga.

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What Is Yukta Yoga?

Yukta Yoga of Sun & Mars coming together often bestows a person with social skills, money, career, and social/personal management abilities. Basically, Yukta Yoga Optimizes your chances of success. Although you possess some of the traits from birth, this unique multi-planet conjunction strengthens your skills and creates a fresh route to achievement mostly during either the Sun or Mars’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. Mars represents courage, power, an action-oriented approach, and valor. Sun on the other hand represents authority, leadership, power, confidence, and victory. When these two planets combine together they guarantee success to the native. 

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Benefits Of Yukta Yoga In Horoscope

  • The Sun-Mars conjunction in a horoscope reflects that the father is brave, bold, and strong-willed, as well as strong and competitive, or he may have an Army or police history.
  • If you have a strong will, a powerful, brave temperament, and an attitude, you might be ranked in the military or police.

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  • The power of energy for both planets is complementary to enhance each other’s capabilities. Sun is authority and Mars is action so the combination of these two works in coordination with each other for their mutual success.
  • The Sun has the authority/power to increase the daring energy of Mars which can increase your strength and courage as you mature in life.

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  • The combination of Sun-Mars works well in the action areas but disintegrates in the areas of relationships where we need to adjust with each other rather than compete or dominate.
  • The greater the distance between the Sun and Mars in Sun-Mars Conjunction in any horoscope, it can promote the good qualities of Mars.

Yukta Yoga: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


The planets Sun and Mars will conjunct together in the 5th house. Both the Sun and Mars are beneficial planets for Cancer natives and both these planets will for sure support the people involved in creative fields such as acting, dancing, etc. These natives will benefit from good positions, power, materialistic happiness, success in competition, and good earnings. 


Sun and Mars conjunction in the 4th house will be extremely beneficial for Leo natives who are engaged in politics, military, government services, etc. will bless you with good pointers of intelligence and action to achieve their goals. You can achieve success during this conjunction and there will be good accumulation of wealth through good earnings and efforts. Relationships will suffer and your home environment will not be peaceful. Relations with your mother may also suffer or her health could be impacted negatively. 


Sun and Mars both conjunct in the 1st house indicates that you may possess an attractive personality with a high degree of ambition to achieve his/her goals. He/she will have the inertia to work more than the physical capacity of the body which must be avoided for good health. This conjunction in the 1st house can certainly increase your anger and make your relationships with people sour. 

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