Weekly Horoscope 09-15 May, 2022: Lord Shiva Will Bless These Signs

This blog will provide you with all the important and relevant information related to the second week of May month, along with the impact on the natives of all 12 zodiac signs. Apart from this, we will tell you how to make this week more auspicious by implementing astrological remedies. 

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If you want to know the status of your income, job, business, health, education, and more at the beginning of these 7 days, then this blog by Astrosage will provide you with all the special information related to the Weekly Horoscope. With all the important weekly forecasts, this blog will also provide you with the dates for offering fast, planetary transits, and much more.

Without any further ado, let’s start the blog and understand what will be the impacts of days from 9 May to 15 May on the natives of all 12 zodiac signs.

Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang Of This Week

According to the Hindu Panchang, the week will begin under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, on the Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha, i.e. May 09, 2022. The week will end under the Swati Nakshatra, on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha, i.e. May 15, 2022.

Now let’s know more about the days for offering fast and other festivities this week.

  • 9th May 2022 Monday: Baglamukhi Jayanti, Masik Durgashtami
  • 10th May 2022 Tuesday: Seeta Navmi
  • 12th May 2022 Thursday: Mohini Ekadashi
  • 13th May 2022 Friday: Parshuram Dwadashi, Pradosh vrat
  • 14th May 2022 Saturday: Narsingh Jayanti, Chinnamasta Jayanti
  • 15th May 2022 Sunday: Kurma Jayanti, Vrishabha Sankranti, Vaishakh Purnima

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Eclipses & Transits This Week (09 May-15 May 2022)

3 important planetary transits will take place this week:

After transits, if we talk about eclipses, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year will take place in May. The information related to this, is given below: 

15 May-16 May, 2022: Lunar Eclipse (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Famous Celebrities Born Between May 09-May 15

Check out the horoscope of these great personalities.

Tons of wishes & blessings to all the above-mentioned personalities from AstroSage! 

Zodiac-Wise Weekly Horoscope

These predictions are based on your moon sign. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat


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