Vastu 2021 Predictions Based on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Horoscope 2021 reveals how the year will be for the natives of all the 12 zodiac signs.


Avoid falling in a quarrel with others and stay away from friends who try to involve you in bad activities. Remedy: Plant Peepal trees at a holy place.


You will get positive results at your workplace and your colleagues and senior managers will be pleased. Remedy: Put a heavy item in the south-west direction of the house.  


2021 is going to be favourable for married people & dedication & devotion to each other will rise. Remedy: Plant a Cedar tree at home.


You can spend time with your friends & go to a distant place for adventure.  Remedy: Hang a photo of a running horse in the house.


You will participate in social works wholeheartedly & your voices may attract others.  Remedy: Create a source of water in a public place.


Natives will like to spend quality time with their family members.  Remedy: Go for regular dental checkups in a year.


Natives need to be a bit careful as health problems pertaining to bones can cause troubles.  Remedy: Plant a money plant at home.


Scorpions can enjoy a lavish lifestyle & material pleasures this year. Remedy: Plant a Peepal tree in a social place.


Natives will attain the support of their family & share their experiences with younger members. Remedy: Keep the statue of Laughing Buddha at the main entrance of the house.


Married natives will get complete support from their life partner.  Remedy: Install the Crystal Shri Yantra at home. 


Businessmen may bring good changes in their business. Health will remain good. Remedy: Install a temple in the northeast direction of the house.


You may remain inclined more towards religious instincts & will gain self-confidence.  Remedy: Keep a garland of Kamal Gatte in a temple.