Tarot Reading 2021  As Per Zodiac Signs

Get Free Tarot Horoscope 2021 now and find out effective remedies that must be performed to acquire desired results.


There will be financial abundance, you may get a salary hike or gifts. Remedy: Water Peepal Tree


The monetary gains will be good. This is a favorable time for investing in property. Remedy: Respect your elders


The professional life will be slow and monotonous, which will impact your peace of mind. Remedy: Offer water to Shivling.


You will get favorable results of your hard work and all the past endeavors. Remedy: Feed seven grains to Birds.


You may face several hurdles in work life along with financial challenges. Remedy: Donate white objects to the needy


Business owners will have a favorable year. Remedy: Put a yellow flower in your pocket while going for auspicious works


Those who are in government jobs or on commanding posts will earn a good reputation.  Remedy: Feed brown dogs.


Business professionals will get new projects. Investment will bring in good returns.  Remedy: Feed Jaggery to Cows.


You are advised to keep a positive attitude professionally. Remedy: Keep a red flower in your pocket while traveling.


Lovers will have a good time. Married natives will share an intense bond with their spouse. Remedy: Feed black dog with milk.


The career will go through some trolls. You may also lose your job during this period. Remedy: Donate bananas to children on Thursdays.


Professional life will be good if you will work hard towards it. The finances will be stable. Remedy: Apply saffron tilak on your forehead.