Mars In Astrology & Career Connection

Mars In The First House

Such natives take interest in Medical & Engineering.

Mars In The Second House

Such natives can encounter multiple hurdles in their academics.

Mars In The Third House

Natives can lay hands on a government job.

Mars In The Fourth House

Joining the police force or army is a probability.

Mars In The Fifth House

There are great prospects of such an individual becoming a doctor. 

Mars In The Sixth House

Success is on cards for such natives in the field of Politics. 

Mars In The Seventh House

Such a person becomes a successful businessman. 

Mars In The Eighth House

Such a native has to work harder to earn their rewards.

Mars In The Ninth House

Occupations like Engineer, Goldsmith can be beneficial. 

Mars In The Tenth House

You can pursue a career in the field of Electronic Engineering. 

Mars In The Eleventh House

You can succeed in your career with such placement.

Mars In The Twelfth House

Such a native earns well through foreign connections. 

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