Ketu In Astrology & Impact On Career

Ketu In The First House

Satisfactory achievement in any business or service industry. 

Ketu In The Second House

Natives pursue a business venture related to travelling. 

Ketu In The Third House

The native procrastinates every work. 

Ketu In The Fourth House

Such a person gains profit from animal service.

Ketu In The Fifth House

The native becomes a good political leader. 

Ketu In The Sixth House

Such a native is likely to become a good social worker.

Ketu In The Seventh House

Such a native can start a business in partnership for maximum benefits.

Ketu In The Eighth House

Such a native opts for business in partnership.

Ketu In The Ninth House

Such a person can do social work and religious activities.

Ketu In The Tenth House

Such a person can work at a charitable or correctional institution.

Ketu In The Eleventh House

Such a native can earn his/her livelihood through gambling.

Ketu In The Twelfth House

Such a person can become a social service worker. 

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