Rahu In Astrology & Its Career Connection

Rahu In The First House

A native becomes  efficiently skilled in  making transactions

Rahu In The Second House

Such a native earns money in foreign countries.

Rahu In The Third House

Such a person becomes a good businessman.

Rahu In The Fourth House

Such a person earns money by travelling.

Rahu In The Fifth House

Such natives tend to keep switching their jobs on a regular basis.

Rahu In The Sixth House

Such a  person becomes  a scholar.

Rahu In The Seventh House

Such a person runs a joint business venture to make a living.

Rahu In The Eighth House

Such a person earns a livelihood through the wrong means.

Rahu In The Ninth House

Such a native gets associated with writing and printing work.

Rahu In The Tenth House

Such a native attains his/her livelihood by associating with drama/poetry. 

Rahu In The Eleventh House

Such natives earn an establishment through royal patronage

Rahu In The Twelfth House

Such a native finds it difficult to avail profits if doing business.

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