Vishkambha Yoga: Shani Dev Blesses These Zodiacs On This Day!

Vishkambha Yoga 2023: Yogas are considered auspicious or inauspicious as they influence the native with positive or negative traits that affect a person’s willingness to acquire knowledge, his/her ability to be compassionate and Kind. Vishkambha yoga is the 1st Nitya Yoga out of all the 27 yogas, ruled by Saturn/Shani and Yama. It will bring Wealth to natives. 

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Individuals born during this yoga are smart, intelligent and good looking. They possess some of the best human qualities and are extremely fortunate. They have a sharp focus, are goal oriented and are passionate and hard working. They are known to achieve success and overcome challenges or hurdles with ease. 

Vishkambha Yoga: These Zodiacs Will Be Impacted Positively


Aries natives benefit from this yoga mostly in financial terms, as this yoga is known to bring in wealth. In case your money is stuck or your business deal isn’t moving forward, there are chances that during this Vishkambha Yoga you may finally achieve success or notice things moving in a positive direction. They would be able to use their business aptitude to their best abilities. There are chances of financial gains from unexpected sources. There could be bonuses or increments coming your way which would make you financially stronger and more confident in yourself. 

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This yoga will be extremely auspicious for Taurus natives as this yoga blesses natives with intelligence and skills and Taurus natives are ruled by Venus, the planet that governs knowledge.  These individuals will be able to nurture and show their kind and compassionate side to the world in multiple ways. These natives will be able to make full use of their intelligence and skills. They will be at their creative best and receive praises for their work and their ideas. Financial prospects too look good as their reputation in the society will rise along with their financial status. 

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Leo natives must definitely keep a check on their anger. Being ruled by the Sun, Leos may take things on their ego. Being intelligent and knowledgeable Leos may be able to gather immense appreciation for their skills and leadership qualities. They may be able to leave a mark on their peers and opponents using the power of their bold and enhanced personalities. There are chances of financial gains and increments coming your way. They will be at their professional best but they need to keep a check on their anger.


Virgo natives may feel positivity on the whole. If you have a competitive exam or waiting for the results to come out you will come out as a winner and excel at anything you do on this day. Everything that you lay your hands on this day you will succeed or gain something out of it. This is a golden opportunity so be careful while you try and plan or utilize your day in any way. Do not waste this opportunity. 

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Vishkambha Yoga: Impactful Remedies

  • Worship lord shiva and perform rudrabhishek.
  • Recite the Mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’
  • Feed the poor and the cows 
  • Feed the poor
  • Donate shoes and clothes to the poor

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the significance of Vishkambha Yoga?

Ans. It gives knowledge, beauty and guarantees success.

Which god rules the Vishkambha Yoga?

Ans. Saturn rules the Vishkambha yoga.

Is it auspicious yoga?

Ans. Yes. It is an auspicious yoga.

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