Vish Yoga 2023 Formed By The Moon & Saturn; These Zodiacs Must Beware!

Vish Yoga 2023, is not a very rare, yet a powerful combination of planetary alignment by aspect or conjunction between the vicious Saturn and the soft, feminine Moon. It is said that this yoga can have a profound, overall negative impact on an individual’s life. This yoga occurs when the planet Saturn and the planet Moon are placed in a way that either they are in conjunction in the same house or aspect each other from 180 degrees apart in a person’s horoscope. While this combination of two completely opposite planets can create obstacles, challenges and misery, it can also lead to great success and spiritual growth after a period of hard trials.

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The planet Moon controls our will power and emotional stability and inner strength, whereas the planet Saturn represents aloofness, obstacles and hardships. Hence, whenever there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon in anyone’s horoscope, then such a person is prone to feeling of Negativity towards every aspect of life and face confusions and setbacks at least in the initial years. 

Now on 2nd August, 2023 Moon will transit into the Aquarius zodiac at 11:26 PM and will form a conjunction with Saturn which is already present in Aquarius. The Moon will continue its transit in Aquarius for the next 2.5 days. Let us see what impacts this conjunction will have on the zodiacs where the Moon holds an important position. Click here to know your moon sign

Vish Yoga, 2023: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted


For Taurus natives the Moon rules the 3rd house and will be placed in conjunction with the Saturn in the 10th house of career. Taurus also happens to be the exaltation zodiac sign for the Moon. Now when the Vish yoga 2023 forms in the 10th house, it may leave you feeling dissatisfied with your professional life. It can also result in you having unhealthy relations with your co-workers and a sense of loss or low confidence and low self esteem being a part of your personality. This yoga may create delays in profession, in getting a job or in getting a promotion. You could even earn a bad reputation in front of your seniors or authorities. 

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For Cancer natives, the Moon rules the 1st house and will be placed in the 8th house with the 8th house lord Saturn. The 8th house is the house of transformations, sudden events and ups and downs. Vish Yog in the 8th house can create a heightened risk of accidents, injuries, or sudden events for these individuals if other planets support such events too. Individuals with this combination may have to deal with unexpected and challenging situations that can disrupt their lives. 

They may also have a tendency to attract conflicts, disputes, or legal issues. You may also feel an unexplained restlessness and anxiety. You may constantly find yourself worrying about the future, which can lead to mental stress and emotional instability. Your married life could also undergo a stressful period as Saturn is also your 7th house lord. Sade sati will obviously enhance these above mentioned experiences.


Moon rules the 9th house for Scorpio natives and will be placed in the 4th house of mother, luxury, motherland, property and vehicle. With the Vish Yoga 2023 forming in the 4th house you may feel an unsettled environment at home. Arguments or conflicts may arise with your mother. Her health could also be a reason for concern during this period. If you were planning on buying a property or vehicle, there could be a delay or obstacles that may leave a bad taste for you. The native may struggle for basic luxuries in life and your home environment will be negative and family life may suffer. 

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The Vish yoga 2023 for Aquarius natives would occur in the 1st house. You may find yourself worrying too much about anything and everything. It may impact your mental health negatively and you may find yourself drowning into an oblivion. Vish yoga in the 1st house causes unnecessary worries and tendons. Delays and obstacles in getting any work done will lead to frustrations and a feeling of helplessness.  It would impact your married life negatively too and arguments and conflicts will be a part of your daily life. 

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Vish Yoga 2023: Impactful Remedies

  • Take the coconut around your head 7 times and leave it in a river or flowing water
  • Worship the peepal tree and offer Arghya to it
  • Worship lord shiva and perform Rudrabhishek
  • Wear and donate silver ornaments
  • Serve the poor and the needy
  • Visit Shani temple and offer mustard oil to Shani dev.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is Vish Yoga formed?

Ans. This yoga is formed when Saturn and Moon are together in conjunction or by mutual aspect.

Q2. Is this an auspicious yoga?

Ans. It is an inauspicious yoga which is said to bring misery, financial troubles, frustrations, depression, etc.

Q3. What other ways can this yoga come into existence?

Ans. This Yoga can come into existence through an interchanging of nakshatras between the Moon and Saturn and in many other ways as well. 

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