Venus Transit In Pisces: Find Out Its Worldwide Impact!

Venus, the most associated planet with love enters its exaltation sign, Pisces and forms the Malavya Yoga. Now, Venus will transit into Pisces on 15th February, 2023 at 19:43 and will conjunct ‘the Dev Guru’, Jupiter, which is already present in Pisces, i.e its own sign. The Venus Transit In Pisces will be an important one as Venus forming Malavya Yoga will impact the political scenario around the world and most importantly in our country because as per the birth chart of India, Venus transits the 11th house of gains and social network.

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Welcome to this amazing blog by AstroSage. We strive to make each blog release an enlightening read for our readers by conducting extensive research and taking into account astrological data. So today, we’ll learn about the Venus Transit in Pisces, which will result in Venus conjunction with Jupiter that is already placed in Pisces, and how it affects every major and minor occurrence around the world and in our country. We will also learn about the effects of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. First and foremost, let’s take a look at the significance of Venus in Astrology.

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The Role Of Planet Venus In Astrology

Venus represents love, beauty, and luxury. It can bestow great luxury, renown, name, riches, beauty, inventiveness, a lovely and fulfilling love life, and joyful connections in general if it is well positioned in a person’s horoscope. Venus rules the sign of Taurus and Libra. These signs might appear to have little in common, yet Venus traits are what bind them together. Venus enjoys the pleasures of the material world, including food, art, and other things that appeal to the senses. The opulence, sophistication, and elegance found in clothing or a lavish meal. Even our preference in music, colors, and room decor are influenced by Venus. 

Impact Of The Planet Venus In Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces, therefore this placement inevitably produces favorable outcomes. Venus in Pisces gives deep, river-like personalities because of the water element’s impact (Pisces is a water sign). Venus with this placement is moody, just like the tides that flow and recede. Venus is the planet of love, and while it is in Pisces, it usually indicates deep romance. Venus here gives charming appearances and kind speech. Venus’s words here have the magical power of warming hearts. Venus here bestows great fame and good fortune.

Impact Of The Planet Jupiter In Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces is emotional and compassionate. Jupiter in Pisces promotes spiritual knowledge and learning. It also promotes an overall development of a person. Jupiter here brings purity and auspiciousness in any event or situation. Jupiter when positioned in its own sign is boundless as Pisces is the 12th and the last sign of the astrological sphere. Jupiter here is involved in social welfare and healing activities. It shows kindness and gratitude. It acts as an inspiration to keep moving forward in life in spite of facing hurdles and setbacks. 

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Global Impacts Of Venus And Jupiter Conjunction: 

Here is how the combination of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces will affect the world and nation:

  • Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces will bring momentum and benefit people engaged in jobs related to speaking such as counseling, writing, editing, journalism, etc.
  • Textile industries, education sector, theater arts, export-import business, wooden handicrafts and handlooms are some sectors which may perform well during Venus Transit In Pisces.
  • Practitioners of esoteric knowledge such as Yoga, healing practices, Astrology, etc would garner fame world over.
  • The government could come up with new schemes for socio-economic development of the people falling below the poverty line in the country or make some solid beneficial changes in the existing policies.
  • The effect of this conjunction could be seen on the Union Budget 2023 which may bring some sort of relief to the lower income groups of the country.
  • Spiritual practices and religious ceremonies will gain momentum in the world. 
  • Administration integrity, responsiveness and service will suddenly gain its speed during Venus Transit In Pisces.
  • Sectors like railway, shipping, transport, traveling companies would benefit during this transit.
  • During this transit, peace would prevail all over the world in some form or the other.
  • Different countries all around the world would connect and interact more with each other through big events or festivals focused on performing arts, music, dance, art, etc.
  • Export of religious articles from India to the rest of the world could increase as demand for religious articles may increase.

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Remedies To Gain Advantage From Jupiter And Venus

If you really want to make Venus Transit In Pisces more auspicious for you then you should follow the below mentioned remedies suggested by the top astrologers of AstroSage. 

  • Chant the Vishnu Sahasranam.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Shukra Dev (Jupiter): Om Dram Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah:’
  • Perform Havan at home for purification and getting rid of negative energies.
  • Wear white coloured or Yellow coloured clothes more often.
  • Observe fast on Fridays.
  • Donate jaggery, sugar, yogurt, Chana Dal to the poor people.

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