Venus Transit In Cancer; Grasp The Effects And Remedies For All Zodiacs!

In astrology, planets take a significant place in everyone’s life. All the positive and negative situations are interconnected to the planets. So, according to this, when planets change their zodiac signs that is also considered to be quite prominent. After a certain interval every planet changes its zodiac sign. Positive and negative effects are given by the transits of planets. In sequence, Venus, the planet of beauty, good fortune, and wealth will transit in the zodiac sign of nurture and support, Cancer on 30th May 2023 at 7:39 pm. In astrology the planet Venus is considered to be an auspicious planet.

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Through the graces of this planet one gets blessed with all the comforts of life and is a planet which provides enjoyment and luxury to the natives. With Venus transit in Cancer all the 12 zodiac signs will come across differing outcomes. So, through this blog of AstroSage let’s know in detail about this amazing celestial motion and learn how it will affect every zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle. Apart from this, we will also know about the remedies everyone can indulge in to save themselves from the negative effects of this planetary movement. So, firstly let’s learn more about Venus through the studies of astrology!

Venus According To Astrology

The planet Venus is the ruling lord of both Taurus and Libra. Virgo is the descendant zodiac sign of Venus and Pisces is its ascendant zodiac sign. If we talk about Nakshatras then out of 27, Venus rules over Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purvashada Nakshatra. Among planets Venus shares loving and friendly relations with Mercury and Saturn and on the other hand its relations with the Sun and the Moon is filled with animosity. 

Venus takes about 23 days to travel from one zodiac sign to another. The natives who have a weak Venus in their horoscope tend to suffer from financial and health problems. Their marital lives get filled with ups and downs. If the planet Venus is strengthened in native horoscopes then they attain all kinds of material pleasures in their lives. With a strong Venus, one performs better in these career fields; painting, music, fashion designing, event management, textile industry, hotel, restaurant, tour and travel, theater, writer, film industry etc. 

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Effects Of Venus On Cancer 

With the effect of Venus transit in Cancer, the natives will pay more attention in order to improve their personalities and will be able to attract others. The native will be keen in beautifying and decorating their place. They will buy furniture and decorative items. Such natives are loyal and optimistic and perform all the work with complete attention and dedication. However sometimes they might be hypersensitive and that might become a reason for their problem.

If we talk about careers, then due to the Venus’s transit in Cancer, the natives become more creative and they have various career opportunities available to them. They get good opportunities in the field of communication. In the sphere of love and marital lives, the Cancer natives under the effect of Venus show an incredible mixture of sensitivity and romance. These natives enjoy having their lovers entirely as their own, and they enjoy attending romantic dinners. These natives also enjoy romantic films and can occasionally be possessive. 

Traits Of Having A Weak Venus

If the planet Venus is strengthened in one’s horoscope then that native receives wealth, prosperity, comfort of a vehicle, and leads a harmonious marital life. But if the position of Venus in one’s horoscope is weak then that individual suffers from many challenges in life. So, let’s read which traits come to the fore with a fragile Venus: 

  • Venus is known as the harbinger of material pleasure and if the natives are receiving its ill effects then they come across lack of material pleasures in their life. 
  • Such natives tend to suffer from financial distress. 
  • Obstacles arise in love relations and many times the relationships come across challenges due to which it does not get formed or breaks before anything solid forms. 
  • The natives with a weak Venus come across variations in their marital lives and the individual gets deprived from the happiness of children. 
  • With a fragile love planet, Venus, the natives come across danger of having multiple health problems. 
  • These natives when suffering from inauspicious effects of Venus come across waning self-confidence and might lose faith in themselves as well. 

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Traits Obtained With A Strengthened Venus 

  • Natives with a strong Venus are quite beautiful and they possess an attraction. 
  • The individual has a lot of self-confidence and attains popularity with the auspicious effects of the love planet, Venus. 
  • Such natives receive fame in the society according to the hard work done by them and on the basis of respect. 
  • When material pleasure starts to increase then it is deemed to be the auspicious sign of a strong Venus. 
  • When one starts to achieve success in all kinds of work then that is also believed to be the pious sign of a strengthened Venus. 
  • When one’s comfort regarding life starts increasing then Venus is strengthened in their horoscope. 
  • With a strong Venus in horoscope one tends to perform incredibly well in fields related to fine arts and entertainment. They attain favorable results in them as well. 

Make Venus Strong With These Potent Remedies

  • Observe fast on 11 or 21 Friday. 
  • Chant these Venus Mantra for at least 108 times daily: ‘śuṃ śukrāya nama:’ or  ‘oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ sa: śukrāya nama:’. 
  • Use milk, curd, sugar, and rice in food as much as you can. If possible then you should donate these things on a Friday as well. 
  • In order to strengthen Venus one can also wear Opal or Diamond but before wearing any sort of Gemstone one must consult an expert astrologer. 
  • Apart from this, one should also worship Parad Shivling on Friday. 
  • One should regularly recite Sri Sukta on Friday in order to receive the auspicious effects of planet Venus. 

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