Venus & Mercury Conjunction In Scorpio Gives Rise To The Auspicious Laxmi Narayan Yoga!

Venus Transit, 2023: With the transit of Mercury in Scorpio on the 28th of December 2023 at 11:07 AM and will form a conjunction with Venus, which will already be present in the Scorpio zodiac sign. This conjunction will give rise to a precious Lakshmi Narayan Yoga has formed, bringing significant changes to many zodiac signs. 

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AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Now as the precious and auspicious Lakshmi Narayan Yoga has formed. This will result in both positive and negative impacts for different zodiac signs.

What Is Lakshmi Narayan Yoga?

The Lakshmi Narayan Yoga is a highly auspicious and sought-after combination of planetary influences that promises the bestowal of wealth, abundance, and prosperity upon an individual. This powerful yoga is formed when the planets Venus and Mercury.

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Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury, and material comforts, when favorably positioned in conjunction or aspect with Mercury, the planet of intelligence, logic and wealth, creates a harmonious synergy that promotes growth and financial gains. Individuals born with the Lakshmi Narayan Yoga in their birth charts are believed to possess a special blessing from the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, and the sustainer of life, Lord Narayan. As a result, these individuals often experience favorable circumstances, attracting opportunities for prosperity and enjoying a higher standard of living.

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To activate and enhance the positive effects of Lakshmi Narayan Yoga, one can engage in specific practices and rituals. Chanting mantras dedicated to Venus and Mercury, such as “Om Shukraya Namaha” and “Om Bram Breem Braum Budhaya Namaha,” can be beneficial. Additionally, performing acts of charity, especially related to supporting education and spiritual growth, aligns with the inherent logic and intelligence of Mercury.

Benefits Of Laxmi Narayan Yoga For Individuals

  • There are many effects of Laxmi Yoga on our life. Natives with Laxmi Yoga are multi-talented and very skilful. 
  • This yoga bestows luck, a happily married life, and good professional life, and a giver of immovable assets.
  •  You may get unconditional support from your mother as well. The natives associated with Laxmi Yoga are likely to possess wealthy assets.

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  • If an individual has Laxmi Narayan yoga forming in their horoscopes, the native may be highly ambitious and will be able to achieve all their desires. They may gain through their mother or even receive support through the maternal side as well. The natives associated with Laxmi Narayan Yoga are likely to possess wealthy assets.

Laxmi-Narayan Yoga: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 5th house for Taurus natives and Venus rules the 1st house and the 6th house. Now Venus and Mercury are coming together in their 7th house and they will benefit a lot from this yoga. This yoga will drastically improve their married life. Their relationship with their spouse will improve and become blissful. The natives engaged in business will experience a steep rise in their profits and the natives engaged in regular jobs will also get handsome salary increments. 

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Venus rules the 4th house and the 11th house for Cancer natives and Mercury becomes the lord of the 3rd house and the 12th house. Both these planets will now join together in the 5th house of children and creativity. Venus and Mercury together will give amazing financial benefits to the Cancer natives. You may receive job offers from overseas and could even land great opportunities there. The people engaged in business will benefit from foreign clients or find a new overseas market to sell their products. The people engaged in creative fields such as designing, etc will do very well and earn great financial and professional benefits. 

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For Libra natives this conjunction of Venus and Mercury and this Laxmi Narayan Yoga will prove to be the best amongst the zodiacs. Venus is the 1st house and the 8th house lord and Mercury is the 9th house and the 12th house lord. Mercury and Venus in the 2nd house will now bring huge financial benefits to Libra natives. These individuals carrying on with their family businesses will benefit a great deal and earn profits. Libra individuals will benefit a lot through family and may even start their own business successfully during this phase. 

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