Vastu Tips For Developing Positive Outlook In Children

Emotions like anger and agitation are quite common in children when they come across any untoward situation. But excessive anger can result in aggressive behaviour that can go out of control and become a serious matter of concern for the parents. In such a situation, parents need to understand that this behaviour can be caused due to a negative environment and energies of their living space. According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that if the flow of energies in the house is gentle and welcoming, the child will be practical, rational, and creative by nature whereas, negative energies in the house may lead to severe mood disorders and aggression in children. 

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Parents will be surprised to know how a mere change of direction or colours in the house can bring a change in their child’s eerie behaviour. In this blog, we will give you five Vastu Tips to help your children develop positive perception about life.

Vastu Tips For Good Behaviour

  • The South-east direction is best suited for a kitchen in the house and is governed by fire. It is better not to use this direction for living purposes as it gives rise to assertiveness and aggression. On the contrary, if a person is shy or lacks confidence, spending some time in South-east directional room can help a lot.
  • A room in the North-west direction is perfect for unmarried children, especially for girls. However, this room should not be allocated to small kids, as it will disrupt their concentration power, and they will face problems in studies. 

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  • If a child is aggressive and uncontrollable, the Northeast direction is ideal for them. This direction will make them calm, composed, and also enhance their confidence, and help in getting rid of other negative characteristics.
  • Making children stay in the Southwest direction makes them arrogant and adamant. However, this direction is ideal for the owners as it will help them keep a hold over the house.
  • Children wanting to improve their concentration and excel in academics must stay in the East direction room. It will help them in elevating their knowledge.

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