Measures To Pave Your Path For Your “DREAM” Job

Unemployment is a serious matter of concern among the youth. This problem becomes more aggravated due to the massive population of our country, which makes it difficult for the common people to get even a simple job. This is why, despite the skills and capability to get a job, many people are still unemployed. Your unemployed status doesn’t only depend on your luck but also the Vastu of your house.

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In this regard, we are apprising you with some Vastu measures that will help you crack any interview and bag the desired job.

Vastu Tips to Grab a Desired Job  

  • North direction is dedicated to Lord Kuber. In this scenario, if you are unable to get a job, you must put the prime mirror on the wall present in the North direction. The mirror should be of full length, in which your complete body is easily visible. This Vastu tip will help you in getting a job soon.
  • The centre of the house is known as the Brahma Sthaan. It is dedicated to Lord Brahma, as well as Lord Jupiter. Jupiter is regarded as the benefactor of success in a person’s horoscope. In this regard, one must never keep bulky items in the centre of the house. Keep this portion as clutter-free as possible for a successful career.
  • Wearing a Rudraksha is a good option for getting a job. But not every Rudraksha will give you satisfactory results. In this context, you are advised to wear one-faced, ten-faced, or eleven-faced Rudraksha. Sawan has already begun, and wearing Rudraksha this month is considered highly auspicious.

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  • Make use of the yellow colour in the bedroom as much as possible as Lord Jupiter and Lord Vishnu are fond of it. With the blessings of these two deities, you will successfully pave your path to your desired job.
  • Carry a red handkerchief with you whenever you appear for an exam or an interview. Try to wear red coloured clothes on this day. It will increase your chances of success.
  • Seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh before going for an interview or an exam for a job. On this day, offer betel nut to Lord Ganesh and also have it as Prasad. Always put your right leg first while moving out of the house as it is considered more auspicious as per Vastu.  

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