Guidelines to Make your Study Room Vastu Compliant!

The process of learning is the most beautiful blessing for all human beings that differentiate humans from other species on Earth. The process of learning and gaining knowledge can be achieved through various methods like reading, writing, studying, hearing, etc. But to attain it, one needs to spare a lot of time, concentration, and attention. 

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This focus and attention call for a place where a person can sit in peace and utilize their brain to full potential without any hindrance. This place should be a comfortable one where a person can study with complete concentration. This is where a study room comes into the picture. Like every other room in the house is dedicated to performing specific activities, a study room is also completely dedicated to fulfilling the purpose of studying and gaining knowledge. And if you make this room in compliance with the Vastu Shastra, it will be a cherry on the top! By doing so, your concentration will strengthen, and your focus will sharpen. Even retaining the knowledge will become easy for you.

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To help you make your study room Vastu compliant, we have mentioned a few tips below. Use these tips and see the results for yourself!

Vastu Tips for Study Room

  • The study room must be located in the West, East, or North-East of the house
  • While reading, the students must face towards East or North direction
  • The windows in the learning area must be placed in the East, West, or the North wall
  • The doors must be provided in the North, East, West, or North-East direction
  • Refrain from providing doors in the South-West, South-East, and North-west corners of the room
  • While reading, refrain from sitting right below the beam

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  • The study room must have an adequate amount of light
  • While learning, make sure not to face the blank window or wall
  • The gap between the wall in front and the student give rise to new ideas and open the mentality of the student
  • The solid wall behind the student is a symbol of support
  • Try to keep the study room far away from the toilet.
  • The bookshelf and the book rack must be placed in the North or East wall of the reading area
  • The books placed should not be placed in the South-West corner of the room
  • Never provide a bookshelf over or above the study table
  • For best results, one must make use of a rectangular or square study table
  • If you are using a rectangular study table, then make sure that the length: breadth must be equal to or less than 1:2
  • The study table must be kept at least an inch away from the wall
  • Putting the images of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesh in the study room gives good results
  • The students using the table lamp must keep it in the South-East corner of the study table
  • A computer must also be placed in the same corner as the table lamp
  • If you want to increase your memory power and balance energies, you must place a pyramid in the study room
  • A pendulum clock on the North wall gives good results
  • Paint the walls with soothing and light colours
  • Lastly, make sure you keep the study room noise-free and clutter-free

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