Valentine Special: Astrology Holds Huge Surprises For Zodiac Signs!

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all lovers. The day is special for those who are in romantic relationships. The advantage of the day is also taken by the individuals who have crushes and blushes. They get a chance to ask out their person of dreams. 

The day is celebrated by exchanging gifts and making your beloved feel extraordinarily special. This day originally was the feast day of Saint Valentine, who was well known for his works in uniting people in love together irrespective of caste, creed, age or sex. Due to his religious services in love and unification, his feast is dedicated to the day of love and every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. On this occasion, let us know how this special day will be this year for all the zodiac signs from an astrological point of view with the help of love horoscope predictions.

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The first sign of the zodiac is dynamic and passionate. You are always up for adventure and surprises. You love romance and intimacy in your relationships. This year, Valentine’s Day will bring a bucket full of surprises for you. Your beloved will do something out of the box for you. You will be on cloud nine and overwhelmed by their special gesture for you throughout the day. The singles have a bright chance of getting their perfect date and enjoying their day with the valentine of their dream. The married natives may not be able to rejoice their day to the fullest as some of your work will keep you busy and you may miss out on the celebration with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Tip Of The Day 

Start your day by offering red flowers to Goddess Durga.


The strong-headed Taureans go for strong and stable relationships. You don’t like changes and experiments. You stick to your set of imaginations and are good to be pampered. You are stubborn and don’t make any easy choices but when you make one then will stick to them by hook or by crook. This Valentine’s Day, you will be truly surrounded by the fragrance of love. You will spend quality time with your beloved and make some long term future plans. Some of you may use this special occasion to introduce the love of your life to your family. The married natives will have a perfect time to rejoice and exchange vows of love with their spouse. You will spend most of your time pampering your partner and making them happy.

Tip Of The Day 

Wearing white or pink-coloured clothes will enhance your Aura and energy.


The flirtatious Geminis loves to explore and dive into new things. You are unstoppable in your energy and spirits. You enjoy versatile things and monotony is something just not your cup of tea. You will start your day by having flirtatious talks with your partner and will expect them to participate in your riddles and jokes. To your surprise, you will get a good response in exchange which will make your day. You will spend a date evening enjoying and celebrating with your beloved and friends. You may go clubbing or join a party to enjoy to the fullest. The married natives will prefer being indoors and watching some good stuff with mouth-watering dinner with their spouse. You will make a perfect relaxing day and have a romantic evening with your better half.

Tip Of The Day 

Light candles in your room to keep the passion and desire in your relationship burning.

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The sensitive and empathetic Cancers are possessive. You are emotional and can go to any extent for your heartfelt relationships. You prefer love over everything and will not let your beloved miss your attention even for a while. This Valentine’s Day may not be upto your expectations. You may feel that you are not getting the required attention from your partner. Your over possessiveness may also bring some misunderstandings with your beloved. You are advised to keep faith and trust in your relationships else you will completely ruin your special day. The singles will get that perfect chance to ask out to their crush and spend a comfortable evening starting their new relationships. The married natives will have a romantic evening together as you may go out on a spectacular drive or a cosy dinner date with your spouse.

Tip Of The Day 

Have some sandalwood fragrance around you.


The bold and dominant Leos are soft and shy when it comes to expressing soft feelings for their lover. You are shy and reserved in matters of love. Therefore a perfect partner for you will be the one who understands your delicate heart underneath your dominating personality. As per your true nature, you will hold back your warm feelings from your beloved. However, your partner will understand you and will pamper you with a bunch of gifts and a perfect date plan. You will love their gesture of love and have a wonderful time with your dear one. The singles may have a hard-luck finding their true mate this time. The married natives will have a pleasant evening with their spouses and will do some family planning.

Tip Of The Day 

Gift yellow flowers to your loved one for cherishing your relationship.


The twins are good at maintaining their love life. You are friendly and expect the same attribute from your partner. You like productive conversations and the company of intelligent beings. You don’t like going out but truly appreciate the gestures and nurturing of your dear one. You will get that perfect time indoors with your beloved. They will plan a wonderful cozy date for you. You will have some healthy meaningful conversations over coffee and drinks with your beloved. Their perfect plot will make a great Valentine’s Day for you. The singles will get a chance to express their feelings as their crush will approach them. You have a great chance to start a relationship. The married natives will pamper their partner and help them in their works, which will be more than a Valentine gift for them as they will truly enjoy your support and assistance.

Tip Of The Day 

Keep some white flowers in your room.

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The sophisticated Librans are great at maintaining balance in all the spheres of their life. You enjoy all sorts of fun and livelihood with your partner. You are an outgoing person and high-class parties truly tempt you. This Valentine may not be the best one for you. You may face some arguments over your day’s plan with your beloved. You may not find their execution upto your expectation and this will dishearten you. The singles will have to wait to propose to their crush as they will not get a response from them this time. The married natives will have a wonderful evening. You will get that perfect gift you have been waiting for a long time from your spouse. This will be a good surprise for you and make your day.

Tip Of The Day

Gifting a piece of jewelry to your dear one will improve your understanding.


The shy and reserved scorpions hide deep feelings and passion inside them. You are not good at expressing your feelings in words but actions truly show all your concerns. You have high expectations and will not spare anyone who hurts your feelings. This Valentine will be a compassionate one for you. You will have intimate feelings for

your partner and they understand your hidden desires and feelings. They will spend quality time with you, which will strengthen the love and romance in your relationship. You will prefer being indoors and spending quality time with your loved ones. The singles can expect some love showers on them as they might find a good date this Valentine’s Day. The married natives may feel a bit unlucky as your spouse will not raise upto your expectations and you will miss the punch of romance from them. 

Tip Of The Day

Have some lemongrass fragrance in your living room to remove all the negativity.


The bold and courageous Sagittarius are high in spirits and also aggressive. You have high hope and expectations from everyone. You find yourself to be a perfect one and search for the same. You are demanding in your relationships but take heart this Valentine will be a wish-fulfilling one for you. Your beloved will surprise you with something you had been craving for or expecting from them for a long time. You will be blown out with their gesture and will love them all the more for their efforts. The singles will have to wait for a while to get a response from their date. You may get lucky post-Valentine. The married natives will have a perfect day blended with some laughter, fun, romance and intimacy with your spouse. You both will adore each other and exchange gifts.

Tip Of The Day

Start your day with some yellow sweets to maintain the sweetness of the day.


The grounded Capricorns are always dedicated and true to their relationships. You expect nothing more than a healthy connection and understanding from your dear ones. You have the attitude of servitude and like pampering your mate. Your beloved will expect some serious talks and future plans from you this time. You will have to keep up with your plans to make their day and please them. You will have a pleasant evening with your partner and will make some net set of memories for yourself. The singles will have to hunt more to find their perfect date this Valentine’s Day. The married natives will plan a good surprise for your spouse and will get an exuberant response in return from them.

Tip Of The Day

Avoid wearing black clothes on the special day.


The friendly and innovative Aquarius likes going around and making friends. You are appreciated for your attitude and approach. This also makes you the most eligible bachelor amongst your group and you are always in demand. You may have a light fight with your beloved at the beginning of the day, however, they will make up for your evening. You may get an unexpected gift from your partner which will make your day. You may go for a romantic candlelight dinner and a drive with your The singles will get an opportunity to interact with the most eligible bachelor and you never know you find your dream date this Valentine’s Day. The married natives may go out for a special date event or party to enjoy their day with their spouse.

Tip Of The Day 

Wear red for your special date to enhance the love, passion and romance in your life.


The last sign of the zodiac Pisces is full of duality, diplomacy and emotions. Your sixth sense works the best for you and saves you from all sorts of danger. You expect emotions and understanding from your relationships as that is your soul food. Your expectations will be intact this Valentine’s Day as your partner will give their complete concern and attention to you. You will together make some plans to celebrate your relationship and rejoice on a special day. You will try to be together throughout the day and will truly enjoy each other’s company. The singles may find it hard to find their compatible match and you may have to be without a Valentine this year. The married native will have a moderate day. Your excitement and planning for the day may get in vain due to some guest appearance.

Tip Of The Day 

Using a musk fragrance will attract the attention of your partner.

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