Vaidhriti Yoga on 9 June: These 3 Zodiacs Must Exercise Caution!

Vaidhriti Yoga 2023: Vaidhriti is an inauspicious yoga. The lord of this Yoga is Diti – mother of Asuras or Demons. Vaidhriti Yoga is the 27th among the 27 yogas. This yoga is avoided for new beginnings and all auspicious events. It is said to bring obstructions and difficulties in people’s lives and create hurdles. If anything auspicious is started during this yoga it generally results in failures, difficulties, health problems, financial issues, poverty, etc. 

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Astrologers out and large believe that Mahurats or yogas are very important to consider when starting a new work or carrying out any auspicious ceremonies. If mahurats are not taken into consideration then our efforts may go in vain and we may not be able to reap the desired results out of any work, event or action.  

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Vaidhriti Yoga: These Zodiac Signs Must Beware


Aries natives must take care not to start something new on this day as their effort and money may go in vain and the result may not be as planned. It is important for these individuals to understand the severity of how deeply it may affect them in every way possible, morally, financially, emotional, etc. These individuals must take care to not sign any new business deals or not to venture into a new line of work if you’re business owners. People working in private sectors are advised to think twice before they voice out their opinions. 

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Leo natives must definitely keep a check on their anger. Being ruled by the Sun, Leos are known to lose their cool often. It is however better to keep your temper in check. Leo natives could find themselves being dragged in office politics and it may cost them their reputation and in severe cases they may even end up losing the job as a result. You may even notice your expenditures rising and could find it difficult to save or even earn as much as you would like to.

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Capricorn natives may experience an unsettled environment at home. Your married life could be disturbed due to which your entire family would suffer. You could be dragged into family disputes over property or family businesses. Your relationships with your near and dear ones could suffer and you may have to face unnecessary fights and conflicts. Along with it you may face financial issues or may be cheated with money. Your money could be stolen. You are advised to exercise caution. 

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Vaidhriti Yoga: Impactful Remedies

  • Donations of necessary items or food to the poor is one of the best remedies to get over the negative impacts of this yoga.
  • Serve the elderly and the differently abled.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa
  • Worship lord Shiva and perform Rudrabhishek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an auspicious Yoga?

Ans. No

Who is the deity of this yoga?

Ans. Diti, the mother of the asuras or the demons

Are any religious ceremonies performed during this yoga?

Ans. No, religious ceremonies should not be performed during this Yoga.

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