Trump vs Biden: Astrology Predicts The Fate Of USA Elections

Soon, the fate of the USA will be decided by voting for or against the current president Donald Trump. In recent times, much has happened in the USA and people living there have formed a clear opinion about their votes one way or another. Let us look at this event from an astrological point of view and read the views shared by our expert astrologer Acharya Raman Ji.

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Recently in the USA, major riots occurred against police brutality and racially discriminated violence against the African-American natives. Safety measures and health concerns against the spread of the fatal Coronavirus were almost minimum, with no major concerns or steps being carried out. This resulted in the USA facing a major death toll and a significant rise in their death rate.

Some news reports suggest that Trump will be losing his presidency, while some say that he will make a thunderous comeback. Many astrologers across the globe have also given their opinion about the same and while reading about all these topics, a thought crossed Acharya Raman Ji’s mind and compelled him to give it a try and offer predictions based on KP Horary.

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KP Horary & USA Elections

USA Elections are widely watched by people all around the world. America is a popular country to reside, with people dreaming of coming to this land and leading a grand American life. However, it is capitalism and mechanical lifestyle of the city that is observed later on in life. With this, Raman Ji offers his views on the matter:

I am going to pick up two numbers, one in favour of Trump and other in favour of Biden, as these are the two contestants fighting for the Presidency. We do not know if they will be replaced or not, but we will go by these two candidates only. 104 for Trump, whereas 22 is for Biden.

The horoscope for Donald Trump is 104. 


The 6th cusp sub lord is Saturn. It is in the star of Sun. Saturn is retrograde and will get direct on 29th September. Saturn is placed in the 5th bhava and ruling the 6th and the 7th bhava. It is in the star of Sun. Sun is ruling the ascendant. Thus the 6th cusp sub lord is connected with 5, 6, 7, 1 and 10 houses. Sun is conjoined with Mercury and Rahu. Mercury is again in the retrograde state.

The 10th cusp sub lord is again Saturn, and we have seen the significations of Saturn. The 11th cusp sub lord is Moon, which is in its own star and in the sub of Venus. Moon is in the 5th bhava and Venus is in the 9th bhava. Moon is the ruler of the 12th house. Here, the 11th cusp sub lord is connected with 5-12-9 houses. 

The dasa will be of Moon-Venus and Moon is the significator of 5-12 and Venus is the significator of 3, 5, 9, 10, 12 house.

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The horoscope for Biden is 22. 


The 6th cusp sub lord is Ketu. It is in the 8th house. Ketu is in the sub of Moon and placed in the 10th house and ruling the 4th house. Hence it can also be said that the oppositions 10th house lord in 4th house. Ketu is aspected by Sun and in conjunct with Jupiter, which is retrograde.

The 10th cusp sub lord is Jupiter in the star of Sun. Sun is in the third house and rules the 5th house. The 11th cusp sub lord is Mercury which is retrograde and in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in the star of Mars placed in the 11th house. Rahu is conjoined with Sun and Mercury. On the 3rd November, the Dasa will be of Moon dasa Venus Antara. Moon is the significator for houses 4-10 and Venus is the significator of 1, 2, 4, 7, 10 houses.

Since the charts are very confusing, so I will take the help of the ruling planets now. The ruling planets are:

  1. Venus
  2. Jupiter-Ketu
  3. Moon
  4. Saturn
  5. Mars

These ruling planets seem to favour Joe Biden, who is fighting against Trump. Let us see what happens in the final outcome. One thing to keep in mind is that these predictions are offered for research and academic purposes only.

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